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Our Founder’s Favorite GLDN Jewelry Gifts | GLDN

Written by GLDN Team — March 03, 2023

Our Founder’s Favorite GLDN Jewelry Gifts | GLDN

Before we dive in, a brief history lesson: our founder, Chrissy, literally started GLDN to create gifts for the people she loves (nearly ten years ago now). She found her footing on Etsy selling handmade necklaces—and with a ton of passion, hard work and good instincts, turned her labor of love into the beloved brand we know today.

All of this to say: if there’s one person who can recommend a good gift, it’s her. Her recommendations range from jewelry under $60, to super sentimental pieces for the softies in your life, to easy gifts anyone would love (if you don’t know their exact jewelry preferences just yet) and a whole, whole lot more.

Let’s get gifting, shall we?


Her favorite crowd-pleasing jewelry gift:

Olive Branch Signet

Olive Branch Signet

“It’s a timeless symbol of hope, courage and forgiveness—the type of piece that fills every day with meaning. It’s also been one of our community’s favorites over the past year, so you know they’re gonna love it.”

Spring for the Olive Branch Signet, or customize our Personalized Olive Branch Band with your recipient's initials!


Her favorite personalized jewelry gift:

Flora Necklace

Flora Necklace

“Flowers hold such sentimental value for people. I love to add the tiny little initial tags to the larger Flora disk—it’s especially great for my friends who have kids!”

Choose from 25 blooms for their Flora Necklace (and add personalized tags!), or check out our full Flora collection: a garden of hand-illustrated, hand-stamped flower jewelry that blooms with meaning.


Her favorite symbolic jewelry gift:

Snake Meuse Band

Snake Meuse Band

“So many of my friends are going through big transitional periods in their lives right now and the serpent is such a powerful symbol of healing and transformation. The Celestial or Flora Meuse Band are also epic if the transformation theme doesn’t apply.”

Pick the powerful Snake Meuse Band or the symbolic Celestial Meuse Band or Flora Meuse Band. We have so many more Symbolic pieces, too!


Her favorite gift under $60:

Stardust Hoops

Stardust Hoops

“It’s an easy gift if I’m stuck,” Chrissy says, and a pair clocks in at just $58 for gold fill and $54 for sterling silver. “The pattern is subtle so it’s still sophisticated but holds meaning. The hand-stamped stars orbit each hoop and remind the wearer to delight in the universe every single day.”

Gift the Stardust Hoops (plus a Stardust Ring to match)!


Her favorite jewelry gift in silver:

Personalized Yue Necklace

Personalized Yue Necklace

“This one’s tough—I LOVE all of our pieces in silver! If you want something overtly meaningful, any of our personalized necklaces look gorgeous in silver and are easy to get right size-wise. I particularly love the Yue Necklace with its tiny tags and subtle personalization. It’s especially great because the tags come off, so your giftee can add the tags to other pieces they have or wear the chain alone (and completely customize their look). It’s so versatile, so you’ll feel confident it’ll be something they’ll use and wear.

We also have a new collection (launching soon!) that focuses on organic, contemporary, abstracted shapes…which looks particularly stunning in silver. I might even prefer it to gold! Keep an eye out for the rings and hoops—they’re so cute, you literally can’t go wrong.”

Shop the Personalized Yue Necklace (or any of our other personalized necklaces) in silver.
And get on our email list to be the first to know when our newest collection drops. You’ll get $10 off your first purchase, too!


Her favorite jewelry gifts to share:

Personalized Lor Necklaces & Three Graces Necklace

Three Graces Necklace & Personalized Lor Necklace

“It really depends on who I’m sharing it with! For friends or sisters, I’m obsessed with the Three Graces medallion; its symbolism of women supporting women is perfect. It’s also one of my favorite pieces of all time.

If I want to give sharable pieces to my friends and their kids, my go-to is the Lor Necklace! An idea I love: personalize one necklace for mom with an initial for each child, then personalize a necklace for each kid with their own initial. They look SO cute all together and the kids seem to love it. Especially if they’re younger, I always hear how special it makes them feel to wear the same piece as their mom.

Pro tip: to make it extra personalized, I’ll often take a more à la carte approach where I start with a chain I know they’ll love (especially if I know the son will prefer a more masculine-looking chain, like the Theo Chain!) then add on Lor tags separately. This goes for any tags, if you don’t think they’d prefer a disk pendant—I love the rectangular add-on Palermo tag as well!

Buy a set of Three Graces Necklaces to share, or create a few Personalized Lor Necklaces for your friends and their kids.
Explore all of our add-ons & extras and essential chains to build a piece you know your recipient will love!


Her favorite heirloom jewelry gifts:

Solid Gold Dainty Chain & Taiya Bracelet

Taiya Chain & Solid Gold Dainty Chain

“This one is tough because it depends so much on your budget.

Our 10k solid gold herringbones—the Taiya Chain & Taiya Bracelet—are such gorgeous pieces that are sophisticated and a little sexy. You can’t help but put it on and feel fabulous. It’s a timeless style that’s worth investing in because, yes, it’s trending now…but herringbone chains are classic, timeless and will still be go-tos 20+ years from now.

I also love our Solid Gold Dainty Chain as a starter piece they can add to. If you’re on a budget, my favorite pro tip is to start with a solid gold chain and add gold-fill tags. Our gold-fill tags will last for decades (if not more!) and it’s a great strategy if you want several tags without a heavy price tag.

But honestly, any of our personalized pieces are tears-worthy gifts they’ll cherish!”

Check out Chrissy’s favorite herringbones—the Taiya Chain and Taiya Bracelet—plus our Solid Gold Dainty Chain (available in both 10k and 14k gold)!

Our Heirloom collection is full of solid gold staples your recipient will love for a lifetime.


The gifts on top of the gift:

Flora Necklaces & Packaging

Elegant Packaging

Each piece comes enveloped in packaging so pretty, it’s a keepsake in itself—with every component designed by us in-house. Every box includes a little letterpress “for you” card, a care card and polishing cloth so your recipient can wear and care for their piece forever.

Fun facts: All the packaging materials inside our box are printed by our founder’s dad! Even our boxes are made here in the USA and 96% of our packaging is recyclable.


Generous Happiness Guarantee

Love it or leave it to us. If your recipient isn’t 100% delighted, we’re happy to rework or repair their piece for free (up to six months for most items and up to three years for solid gold heirlooms). We also offer refunds and exchanges—even on personalized pieces (which is pretty unheard of). Read more about our return policy here!


Happy gifting!✨



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