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Our Current Promo Codes & Discounts

All the latest info about GLDN discounts and promo codes, all in one place! Whether you’re treating yourself to a new piece of jewelry, looking for one of our best-selling gifts or searching for a special occasion look, our promo codes make it easier to make your next piece.

$10 off
when you sign-up for emails or texts
Give $10, get $10
when you refer a friend to the GLDN Circle

GLDN Discount FAQs

To redeem, simply copy and paste your code into the box at checkout and click or tap enter to be sure it's applied!

No, we only allow one promo code use per order.

Yes, most of our promo codes have expiration dates. Check your email (from when you received your promo code) to check the date, or reach out to our Care Team if you have any questions!

It really depends on the promo code or sale we’re running! If there is a restriction, you can find that in the fine print of an email you received or as a message during checkout.

Hey now, we can’t give away our secrets like that. 😉 Only kidding—it really depends, but we’ll typically drop a few new promos or sales per year.

Yes, you can! This is a good time to check out our Sale Collection.

We only allow one promo code to be used at a time—this includes promo codes for sales, GLDN Circle rewards, discounts or any other special offers we're running.

Yes! You can get $10 off your first order when you sign up for emails and texts. (They’re fun, we promise.)

Sure is! Just make sure you’re in the GLDN Circle (our rewards program) and refer a friend from there. You’ll both get $10 off your order.

Chat with our care team

Have questions about GLDN promo codes, discounts, sales or need help with your order? Get your customer service questions answered from our Care Team via email or text! We’re always happy to assist.

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