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About us

We make it personal.

How we started

Our first studio was the kitchen floor.

Chrissy was a single mom, and she wanted to create the perfect personalized gift. She started making handmade, personalized jewelry out of her kitchen, and selling on Etsy. When she had to move into the dining room, she thought she had made it big!

Six years later, GLDN has three workspaces and employs over 85 people. And GLDN makers still use their hands to create high quality jewelry that’s accessible for all and made personal by you.

Not bad for the kitchen floor.

How we made it work

Good things take time.




Chrissy opened Layered + Long on Etsy, making one-of-a-kind pieces.



VIP Hire

Chrissy hires her mom as the first employee. And she’s still working at GLDN!



Room to Move

After adding 3 more employees, it was time to move to our first studio.




Now with 15 makers, Chrissy could step away from orders and focus on a clear vision for the type of company we wanted to build.



GLDN Was Born

Our mission: to make personal, quality, affordable pieces - by hand and at scale - empowering people through craft.



Giving Back

Launched the GLDN Giving Program, donating 10% of profits from



The Team Grows

Opened a second studio workshop and
hired our 100th Maker.



Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Let’s be in the present. See what
we’re up to now.

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How we do it

Get an inside look at how your jewelry is made, and the folks who make it.

It can’t happen
without you.

Join our Design Advice Team and help us decide all the details, like what pieces to launch and what they should look like. Get sneak peeks at new designs and sign up for waiting lists.

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Our success is measured by positive impact.

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Join our team.

Interested in making things by hand or supporting those who do? GLDN offers full health benefits, flexible schedules and PTO, among other perks.

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