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Our impact

We believe in empowerment through craft.

The GLDN Giving Program

Purpose must go beyond profit. Growth leads to growing contribution. Success is measured by positive impact.

NO. 1

Giving Program Recipients

Donations to organizations that empower.

NO. 2

Special Collection Partnerships

Collections that give up to 100% profits with organizations we partner with.

NO. 3

Volunteer Hours

Everyone at GLDN receives 10 hours of paid volunteer time, ensuring we participate in the community and causes we love.

NO. 4

Gifts In-Kind

We’ve given gifts-in-kind to over 70 nonprofit organizations.

Our Giving Back Program

Serving organizations that empower in three sectors.


Defend rights and freedoms, promoting mental/emotional wellness, healing of trauma.


Provide access to educational programs, leadership training, professional development.

Community Building

Handworker support, arts and cultural preservation, sustainable economic growth.

Giving Program Recipients

Organizations That Empower Women and Makers

Special Collections

Shop the pieces that give back even more.

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