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Ready to get rewarded?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

You’re this close 🤏 to a world of exclusive perks.

Join the GLDN Circle*

Everyone’s invited to be an insider!

*If you already have a GLDN account, you’re automatically enrolled!

Collect your sparkles

Earn 5 sparkles for every $1 spent (and complete activities for even more).

Redeem for rewards

Discounts, freebies and free shipping await.

Earn 5 sparkles for every $1 spent

Then redeem for exclusive rewards and discounts.

Earn your first sparkles (for free)!

5 sparkles
Add your birthday info

Keep earning effortlessly.

Return to these activities for easy sparkles potential!

Unlock more perks as you level up.

Total Lifetime Spend
$0 – $100
$101 – $175
Early Access To New Products
VIP Newsletters
Double Sparkles Days
Birthday Gift Bonus
50 sparkles
75 sparkles
100 sparkles
Anniversary Gift Bonus
25 sparkles
50 sparkles
Exclusive Discounts
Free Shipping Events
Double Sparkles On Purchases
  • Enthusiast
    $0 – $100 Lifetime Spend
    Total Lifetime SpendEarly Access To New ProductsVIP NewslettersDouble Sparkles Days50 sparkles Birthday Gift Bonus
  • Devotee
    $101 – $175 Lifetime Spend
  • Collector
    $176+ Lifetime Spend
Rewards Hub

Redeem your sparkles for rewards!

Track your progress toward your next special treat.

The more, the sparklier.

Refer a friend to the GLDN Circle (and we’ll give you a discount when they join)!

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