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Gemstone Jewelry Styling Tips You Need to Know l GLDN

Written by GLDN Team — April 26, 2024

Gemstone Jewelry Styling Tips You Need to Know l GLDN

Why Gemstone Jewelry?

Colorful, playful and symbolic, gemstone jewelry is having its time in the sun—and we are very much here for it. Gemstones are back and bigger than ever, with all the major jewelry brands putting their own spin on this trend. (Calling it a “trend” is severely underselling it, though!) Gemstones and birthstones have been a major staple in jewelry for decades and what we’re seeing now is a big reemergence and twist on tradition. 

In our opinion, the best gemstone jewelry is a piece that speaks to you—whether it’s the color of the gemstone or what it represents—and weaves seamlessly into the rest of your jewelry wardrobe. If you love dainty pieces, opt for dainty gemstones. If you prefer bold jewelry, try a more dramatic gemstone piece. You get the gist! Gemstones are such a fun way to add subtle pops of color to your everyday look, and we can’t think of a better way to enhance your own style than with a rainbow of hues that represent you.



Picking the Perfect Stone

There are essentially three ways to choose a gemstone: by color, by birth month or by symbolism. Let’s break that down.


Choosing a gemstone by color

Choose a gemstone in your favorite color, a color that matches your wardrobe or a color that looks harmonious and flattering with your skintone. If you wear mostly neutrals, for example, you may prefer black, white or clear gemstone jewelry; if you love wearing pastels, a lilac gemstone or sage green gemstone may be more in your wheelhouse. These are just a few examples, but choosing a gemstone by color can be a powerful way to feel at home, aligned and confident in what you’re wearing—a hue that represents you to your core.


Choosing a gemstone by birth month

Choose your birthstone (or the birthstone of a loved one or family member) if you prefer jewelry with meaning. We love birthstones—they’re sparkling celebrations of you—and make great gifts for birthdays and holidays. As a jewelry studio who likes to do things differently, we designed a modern range of birthstones you’ll actually want to wear, with subdued versions of each birthstone that are a far cry from the bold, brash birthstones of yore. Explore them all here, from subtle ruby to lilac alexandrite to sage peridot and more. 


Choosing a gemstone by symbolism

Did you know that each gemstone has a widely agreed-upon meaning? For example: aquamarine is said to symbolize tranquility and vitality, while emerald is known to represent harmony and growth. These are just a few examples, of course, but we’re endlessly fascinated by the meanings of each gemstone and the ways they can inspire the wearer. If you find yourself craving more creativity in your life, or feel like you could use some hope and peace during difficult times, choosing a gemstone by symbolism might just be the way to go.


Our Gemstone Styling Tips

Let’s assume you’ve found the perfect gemstones…now how do you style them? As with any jewelry (and basically anything fashion-related in 2024), there are no real rules, but we do have a few suggestions to make the most out of your gemstones with a few jewelry styling tips from our team.


Mix Gemstone Colors

When it comes to colorful gems, more is more—especially when the pieces are dainty and refined! We love stacking up a few different colored gemstone rings or gemstone hoops for a one-of-a-kind palette, or pairing up harmonious colors (like several shades of blue or several shades of purple) for a gradient effect. The best gemstones for everyday wear are pieces that feel playful, non-fussy and eclectic—and can pair easily with jeans and a tee or your daily staples.

Looking for a meaningful way to keep your friends or family close? Stack up a few different birthstone jewelry pieces to represent the loved ones in your life—a non-cheesy, ultra-personal way to style gemstone jewelry and tell a story.

Shop all colorful gemstones.


Play With Asymmetry

Lean into the fun of gemstones and style a look that doesn’t take itself too seriously. How to do that? Style an asymmetrical ear stack using single studs instead of pairs. It’s such a slow, intentional, fun way to craft a gemstone look—something you slowly add to and build up over time—and can be more cost-effective, too. The result is a one-of-a-kind earscape that no one else will have; something that feels undeniably you!

Get your ear party started with our Poet’s Palette Stud Set—single single gemstone studs in dreamy hues—or shop the full stud earring collection full of fun symbols and streamlined shapes to mix and match.

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Keep it Timeless

Old money jewelry and quiet luxury trends are back and bigger than ever this year—you know, the trend-defying pieces that look just as good in 2024 as they did in 1924. If you’re the kind of person who really wants to invest in gemstone jewelry and not spring for fleeting trends, gemstones like white sapphires, pearls and diamonds are always a safe bet—the best gemstones for everyday wear. The kind of put-it-on-and-never-take-it-off jewelry we all dream of. 

From delicate necklaces to effortless rings to sparkling hoops, shop our Ethereal Essentials for all the lab-grown diamond and white sapphire jewelry—effortless to style, easy to love.

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Make Your Gemstone Statement

By this point, most of us have a go-to jewelry look consisting of our favorite daily staples in our favorite metals—but gemstones may be the missing link in our collection. We hope you find the gemstone or birthstone jewelry that speaks to you and love it for years to come.

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Happy gem hunting! 

Team GLDN ✨

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