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Birth Month Flowers: Find Your Signature Bloom | GLDN

Written by GLDN Team — May 18, 2023

Birth Month Flowers: Find Your Signature Bloom | GLDN

You probably know your zodiac sign…but do you know your birth flower?

According to historians, the concept of birth flowers (or flowers for the months of the year) originated in ancient Rome when the Roman Empire started the tradition of birthday celebrations—a hearty thank-you to them! A common gift during the time was a bundle or bouquet of flowers, and sooner or later, certain flowers became associated with certain months. Combine this with floriography—the art of communicating through flowers that originated during the Victorian era—and each month is now symbolized by a specific bloom (or, in some cases, a few) known to reflect the personality of those born within that time frame.

It’s no surprise that we adore birth flowers: we find them empowering, meaningful and personal; a celebration of the self and our unique superpowers. In fact, our entire Flora collection is based on flowers (and what they mean to the wearer), with all pieces handcrafted in our studio to grow with you for a lifetime.


What is my birth flower?

What's my birth flower?

Traditionally, each month is associated with one or two flowers—but a quick search will yield one thing: everyone has a vastly different opinion on what each month’s birth flower is (or should be). Choosing birth flowers by month is an interpretation, not an exact science, and we celebrate the symbolism behind birth flowers first and foremost.

We chose birth flowers for our jewelry based on 1) their meaning and 2) their beauty (since you’ll be wearing them, after all)! We think our featured blooms bring each month to life in beautiful ways, and hope you’ll find them as inspiring as we do.

Looking for more info on flowers or our Flora collection as a whole? We have an entire journal that breaks down the symbolism of all 25+ blooms in our collection!

Jump to a specific month to learn about its birth flower(s):

January | February | March | April | May | June | July | August | September | October | November | December


January Birth Flowers: Snowdrop & Carnation

Snowdrop January Birth Flower

What do snowdrops symbolize?

A symbol of support and encouragement, this winter-blooming flower represents hope, sympathy and rebirth. Even if snowdrops collapse in freezing weather, they bounce back once temperatures rise—a beautiful nod to overcoming challenges.

The snowdrop was chosen as one of January’s birth month flowers as it’s one of the earliest to bloom in the new year (and reflects the icy, snowy landscape found in many parts of the world)! You can find the snowdrop emerging from the cold winter soil from January through March, bringing with it a sense of hope and longing.

Shop our snowdrop flower jewelry here (available in 12 styles)!


Carnation January Birth Flower

What do carnations symbolize?

Growing in nearly every color of the rainbow, this flower inspires us to view the world with fascination, gratitude and confidence. It’s known as the flower of the gods in ancient Greek mythology, and has been spotlighted in writing and art for centuries—how inspiring is that?

Unlike the on-theme snowdrop, the carnation was chosen as one of January’s birth flowers as a colorful contrast to the cold, muted landscape. As a popular bloom for bouquets, the carnation also reflects the practical, hardworking nature of Capricorns born in January!

Shop our carnation flower jewelry here (available in 12 styles)!


February Birth Flower: Iris

Iris February Birth Flower

What do irises symbolize?

Self-acceptance, courage and wisdom shine from the noble iris (which is the Greek word for rainbow)! Associated with nobility throughout history, the iris encourages us to lead by example and inspire others in our own unique ways. It’s also been a sacred symbol of divine protection and royalty since the 5th century!

The iris was chosen as February’s birth flower for its rich hues and elegant silhouette, which mimics a butterfly floating across the sky—a combination of an Aquarius’s social sensibility and a Pisces’ intuitive nature.

Shop our iris flower jewelry here (available in 12 styles)!

(Alternate February birth flowers include the violet and the primrose!)


March Birth Flowers: Daffodil & Cherry Blossom

Daffodil March Birth Flower

What do daffodils symbolize?

This vibrant flower shines with resilience, truth and forgiveness, and brings an eternal reminder of spring and new beginnings. Daffodils are also known to represent inspiration and creativity, and bring love and luck to those who surround themselves with this flower.

The daffodil was aptly chosen as one of March’s birth flowers as it’s one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, greeting the world with a much-needed burst of vibrant yellow.

Shop our daffodil flower jewelry here (available in 12 styles)!


Cherry Blossom March Birth Flower

What do cherry blossoms symbolize?

In full bloom one day, blown away the next. This awe-inspiring flower invites mindfulness and gratitude so that we may always remember to seize the day. The cherry blossom—or sakura—is the national flower of Japan and also heralds the beginning of spring.

Like the daffodil, the cherry blossom was chosen as one of March’s birth flowers for its association with the onset of spring, showering the sidewalk with iconic bubblegum-pink blooms.

Shop our cherry blossom flower jewelry here (available in 12 styles)!

(Another widely accepted March birth flower is the jonquil!)


April Birth Flower: Daisy

Daisy April Birth Flower

What do daisies symbolize?

Playfulness, resilience and true love radiate from this sweet, simple flower, like infinite sunshine on a cloudless day. Daisies fold up at night and stretch their petals open in the morning, greeting each day with a sense of newfound joy. Fun fact: for many generations, daisies have been used in the art of divination!

The daisy was chosen as April’s birth flower for its sunlike blooms—the time of year when the clouds finally part and the world is awash with blue skies and sunlight.

Shop our daisy flower jewelry here (available in 12 styles)!

(Another widely accepted April birth flower is the sweet pea!)


May Birth Flower: Lily

Lily May Birth Flower

What do lilies symbolize?

The timeless lily represents purity, devotion and compassion…and is a powerful symbol of rebirth. From forests to mountains to marshes to meadows, lilies can bloom and thrive almost anywhere—especially when planted in small groups—and remain fresh longer after they’ve been cut.

The lily was chosen as May’s birth flower for its timely symbolism: lilies are associated with creation, femininity and prosperity, just like the lush landscape of early summer.

Shop our lily flower jewelry here (available in 12 styles)!

(Another widely accepted May birth flower is the hawthorn!)


June Birth Flower: Rose

Rose June Birth Flower

What do roses symbolize?

This romantic, iconic flower symbolizes devotion, enchantment and protection, known for both its fragrant blossoms and thorny stems (which, fun fact, allows the rose to entwine other plants as it grows). According to folklore, if you plant roses in your garden you’ll attract fairies—and scattering rose petals will create a peaceful energy!

Often known as “the queen of flowers,” the rose was chosen as June’s birth flower as it’s in its prime during this warm, sunny month—the height of rose gardens and summer soirees.

Shop our rose flower jewelry here (available in 12 styles)!

(Another widely accepted June birth flower is the honeysuckle!)


July Birth Flower: Lotus

Lotus July Birth Flower

What do lotuses symbolize?

These tranquil beauties grow in water (yet seek warm sunshine) and inspire transformation, spirituality and rising above things that no longer serve you. The lotus is revered for its beauty and resilience—blooming pristinely from dark, murky water—and is often seen as a sacred, mystical symbol of life and spirituality.

The lotus, or water lily, was chosen as July’s birth flower as it finds its full bloom during this month, and draws parallels between the sensitive, kind, determined nature of the Cancer zodiac.

Shop our lotus flower jewelry here (available in 12 styles)!

(Another widely accepted July birth flower is the larkspur!)


August Birth Flower: Poppy

Poppy August Birth Flower

What do poppies symbolize?

This resilient flower represents peace, remembrance and rest, as well as dreams and imagination. From the scorching-hot desert to the icy Arctic Circle, poppies can bloom almost anywhere. They’re also known to inspire clear thinking, spiritual awareness and manifestation, and have long been associated with Demeter, the Greek goddess of the harvest.

Knowing its association with the harvest, the poppy was chosen as August’s birth flower for its mythology: it was believed if poppies grew on your land in late summer, a bountiful fall would follow.

Shop our poppy flower jewelry here (available in 12 styles)!

(Another widely accepted August birth flower is the gladiolus!)


September Birth Flowers: Aster & Peony

Aster September Birth Flower

What do asters symbolize?

Blossoming in fall when other flowers begin to fade, this star-shaped wildflower represents love, wisdom and faith. It’s even named after the Greek word asteri (which translates to star) and, according to ancient myth, was created by the tears of goddess Astrea.

The aster was chosen as one of September’s birth flowers as it vibrantly marks the transition from summer to fall, bringing a pop of color to the landscape—from purple to blue to yellow to pink.

Shop our aster flower jewelry here (available in 12 styles)!


Peony September Birth Flower

What do peonies symbolize?

The delicate, elegant peony can blossom for hundreds of years; no wonder they symbolize abundance, good fortune and happiness! These naturally beautiful flowers date back to 1000 BC, and are a favorite for celebrating graduations, marriages and other joyous occasions.

The peony was chosen as one of September’s birth flowers for its abundance—like the fields of flowers, golden-hour evenings and plentiful forests that mark this time of year.

Shop our peony flower jewelry here (available in 11 styles)!

(Another widely accepted September birth flower is the morning glory!)


October Birth Flower: Cosmos

Cosmos October Birth Flower

What do cosmos symbolize?

This bright, lively flower represents joy, peace and wholeness, and inspires self-reliance and resilience. Cosmos are easy to grow, quick to bloom and get their name from the Greek word kosmos, referring to the natural order and harmony of the universe. They're even known to restore spiritual harmony if placed in the home!

The cosmos was chosen as October’s birth flower for their perfect symmetry and natural harmony, calling back to the scales of Libra (the astrological sign for many October babies).

Shop our cosmos flower jewelry here (available in 12 styles)!

(Another widely accepted October birth flower is the marigold!)


November Birth Flower: Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum Flower Jewelry

What do chrysanthemums symbolize?

Cultivated for more than 3,000 years, this iconic autumnal flower symbolizes respect, positivity and friendship; a foundation for joy. Look closely at a chrysanthemum and you’ll see that each flower head is actually composed of several smaller blooms! (No wonder chrysanthemums are a sacred flower in Asia.)

Known as a mum for short, the chrysanthemum was chosen as November’s birth flower for its iconic association with the height of fall, bringing a final pop of color to the garden.

Shop our chrysanthemum flower jewelry here (available in 12 styles)!

(Another widely accepted November birth flower is the peony!)


December Birth Flowers: Hellebore & Camellia

Hellebore December Birth Flower

What do hellebores symbolize?

The dark beauty of the floral world, this enchanting, mysterious flower blooms in deep winter and symbolizes serenity, fortitude and peace. It thrives in frozen soils and gloomy afternoons—a true gothic delight—and brightens up the dreary winter with deeply gorgeous blossoms.

The hellebore was chosen as one of December’s birth flowers for its folklore, rare beauty and unapologetically winter energy (because there’s no bloom quite like this one).

Shop our hellebore flower jewelry here (available in 10 styles)!


Camellia December Birth Flower

What do camellias symbolize?

This romantic flower evokes devotion, admiration and longevity for anything (or anyone) you want to hold close—making them a lovely gift for any occasion! Camellias blossom in three seasons, including winter, and folklore states that carrying a pouch of camellia can increase your strength and courage.

The camellia was chosen as one of December’s birth flowers for its association with gratitude and love: powerful feelings to hold close through the end of the year and the holiday season.

Shop our camellia flower jewelry here (available in 9 styles)!

(Another widely accepted December birth flower is holly!)


In Remembrance: Forget-Me-Not

Forget-me-not In Remembrance Flower

What do forget-me-nots symbolize?

These delicate baby-blue flowers symbolize so much, from faithfulness to memory to eternal love. They’re also a powerful symbol of remembrance—a way to keep your loved ones and angel babies close—and are known to have healing properties, too.

Shop our forget-me-not flower jewelry here (available in 12 styles)!

Explore our birth flower jewelry.

Now that you’ve discovered our monthly birth flowers (and chosen the one that resonates with you), let’s take a look at all the ways you can wear your flora and carry it with you.

As for our jewelry, each flower is elegantly illustrated and every piece is lovingly stamped by hand in our studio, crafted in your choice of 14k solid gold, 14k gold fill or sterling silver. intentionally made to cherish for a lifetime!

This may go without saying, but our birth flower pieces make a timeless birthday gift for you or someone you love—so keep this in mind when their special days roll around!


Birth Flower Necklace

Birth Flower Pendant Necklaces

Available in two sizes—a small disk and a midsize disk—this best-selling pendant necklace gives your signature bloom its well-deserved spotlight (while being delicate enough for everyday wear).

Celebrate your birth month: Birth Flower Necklace


Birth Flower Rings

Birth Flower Rings

Like a modern, floral take on classic cameo jewelry, our oval statement ring puts your signature bloom front and center. Its flattering shape hugs your finger *just right* and stands out from the rest of your stack in such an elegant way.

Highlight your signature bloom: Birth Flower Ring


More Birth Month Jewelry

Floral Jewelry Pieces

We have two dedicated birth month flower pieces…but even more styles in our Flora collection that can highlight your birth flower, too! A few of our favorites include (drumroll, please):

My Garden Meuse Band

My Garden Meuse Band

Perfectly imperfect and one-of-a-kind, this piece is our most customizable yet! Choose 1-7 flowers—whether they’re your birth flowers or your family’s—and we’ll hand-stamp each bloom individually around the band for a garden that’s uniquely you.

Create yours: My Garden Meuse Band


My Garden Bracelet

My Garden Bracelet

Part chain bracelet, part cuff bracelet, versatile as can be. Similar to our My Garden Meuse Band, create a meaningful birth flower bracelet with 1-5 of your favorite blooms to be artfully hand-stamped by us.

Create yours: My Garden Bracelet


Flora Bennett Necklace

Flora Bennett Necklace

A floral spin on our best-selling Bennett Necklace, customize this birth flower necklace with your birth flower plus up to five tiny tags (with initials or special symbols)!

Create yours: Flora Bennett Necklace


Birthstone Jewelry Pieces

Birth flowers + birthstones = better together.

Kindred Birthstone Necklace

Kindred Birthstone Necklace

Spotlight your birth flower on the main pendant, then add up to five tiny, modern birthstone charms—one for all your loves (or one just for you)!

Create yours: Kindred Birthstone Necklace


Aura Pendant Necklace + Small Flora Necklace

Aura Pendant Necklace & Aura Gemstone Studs

Add a pop of color to your stack with this modern birthstone palette (that took us a year to refine)! Our advice: wear your Aura Necklace short—just around the collarbone—layered with a longer, bolder birth flower pendant.

Customize your necklace: Aura Pendant Necklace
Customize your studs: Aura Gemstone Studs


Mina Birthstone Earrings

Mina Birthstone Drop Earrings

Meet the most elegant birthstone piece of all, featuring three natural gemstones dancing and swaying on a sparkling chain.

Create yours: Mina Birthstone Drop Earrings

Birth flowers—so romantic, right? Just like astrological signs or birthstones, we believe they have the power to celebrate our unique superpowers and bring us home to ourselves. We hope you learned more about your birth flower (or discovered a new one!) and, just maybe, got inspired to create a new jewelry piece you’ll love for the long haul.

You deserve your flowers. May they grow with you. 💐

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