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Custom Jewelry Inspiration From Our Community | GLDN

Written by GLDN Team — March 29, 2024

Custom Jewelry Inspiration From Our Community | GLDN

We believe the most meaningful jewelry says something—tells a personal story, reminds you of what you love and brings you back home to yourself. We’ve been handcrafting custom jewelry for over a decade now (!) and we never get tired of creating keepsakes that capture the things you hold close. 

We have a million ways to personalize a piece. Add names, initials, dates, coordinates or one of over a hundred hand-illustrated symbols to a piece and we’ll craft it in your preferred metal and size. The result? A piece you’ll love for a lifetime.

Don’t know where to start or need some personalization inspiration? We could go on for hours…but no one knows how to customize a piece better than our community. Let’s hand the mic over to them. 👇


Jessica’s Symbolic Disk Necklace

Personalized Yue Necklace

A celebration of self-love.

“I’ve been on a journey to rediscover my style post-pandemic and now in my 30’s. In my 20’s I had a very distinct style—a little vintage, a little emo. But then as I got older, I felt like I lost myself a bit. This piece symbolizes that sad little emo girl I have inside but also the elevated, sophisticated person I’m becoming!”

Personalize your own Yue Necklace with 30+ symbols to choose from.


Clarissa’s Personalized Mantra Ring

Personalized Rhone Band

A symbol of strength.

“I bought myself this ring after I completed my master’s, engraved with the word ‘perseverance.’ I’m the first woman in my family to get a master’s, and I’ve had all the support to continue pushing for future generations of women to be educated!”

Personalize your own Rhone Band with up to 12 characters.


Tabitha’s Sentimental Flower Necklace

Personalized Flora Marseille Necklace

A lush reminder of home.

“My favorite piece is one my mom gave me for a birthday a few years ago. Since I was young she always referred to me as her Tiger Lily, as I have green eyes and freckles (mirroring the inside of most tiger lilies in my home garden). Whenever I see or wear this piece I think of my mom and feel a sense of grounding and connection to where I grew up—all through a flower.”

Personalize your own Flora Marseille Necklace with 20+ flowers to choose from.


Kaley’s Custom Name Ring

Personalized Thames Band

A ring for remembrance.

“I have a Thames Band with the name of my stillborn daughter. When I was at the hospital it gave me such comfort to look at the board and see her name written up there. We also received bracelets from the nurses (with her name and a heart) that I loved wearing after we went home. I knew I needed something permanent to wear that I could always look at and draw comfort from. When I found the Thames Band with the ability to add a heart I knew I needed one."

Personalize your own Thames Band with a special name and tiny symbol.


Courtney’s Playful Charm Necklace

Howdy Boot Charm

An ode to home.

“I have a gold vermeil necklace with the cowboy boot charm and an initial charm! I’m a Montana girl so the cowboy boot paired with my initial was the perfect way to personalize.”

Shop the Howdy Boot Charm and add an extra initial tag.


Noella’s Alternative Wedding Band

My Garden Meuse Band

A bouquet of wearable flowers.

“My favorite piece is the My Garden Meuse Band, so full of flowers. My husband and I were on the hunt for personalized bands for our wedding, and when I saw the floral band I knew that was what I wanted. When we first began dating I had told him to never buy me flowers because I get sad when they die. But with this ring, he got to give me a whole bouquet of my favorite flowers that will never die.”

Personalize your own My Garden Meuse Band and choose up to seven flowers.


Brooke’s Custom Initial Necklace

Maude Heart Necklace

A gift of motherly love.

“My mom gave me the Maude Heart Necklace with my initial on it! I love it so much; I wear it daily. It’s a reminder of how much my mom loves me. It was given to me as a parting gift when I left for college 1000 miles away."

Personalize your own Maude Heart Necklace with a special initial or tiny symbol!


Carlie’s Eras Tour Necklace

Personalized Marseille Necklace

A Taylor Swift keepsake.

“My favorite personalized GLDN piece has to be the Marseille Necklace, with a tiny black heart on the first line, followed by THE ERAS TOUR each on separate lines to fill the piece up. The Iconic Chain is simply gorgeous and truly makes the piece. Taylor Swift is a huge icon for me, this necklace is a reminder that she once started as an unknown and unpopular singer songwriter and now she rules the music industry…and one day maybe I could do the same!”

Personalize your own Marseille Necklace inspired by your favorite artist. (P.S. This is the necklace Taylor’s openers wore on tour!)


Personalized Jewelry Collection


More custom jewelry, this way!

Ready to customize your own piece, or explore more ideas? Shop by personalization:

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We can’t wait to make it yours.

Team GLDN ✨

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