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Personalized Mother's Day Gift Ideas: How to Choose a Gift as Unique as Mom l GLDN

Written by GLDN Team — April 10, 2024

Personalized Mother's Day Gift Ideas: How to Choose a Gift as Unique as Mom l GLDN

Of all the holidays, Mother’s Day is one of the most personal. No one else has a connection exactly like the one you have with your mom, so why should all Mother’s Day gifts be so same-same? We see Mother’s Day as an excuse to celebrate motherhood—whatever that means to you and your family—and treat Mom to something thoughtful, sentimental and worth cherishing; a creative Mother’s Day gift she’ll love now and for years to come. Our answer? Personalized jewelry, of course!


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Why Personalized Jewelry?

Beyond conventional accessories and off-the-shelf pieces, personalized jewelry is a two-in-one kind of gift: high-quality jewelry Mom will love…that tells a personal story about motherhood, family or the connection you share. Imbuing a jewelry piece with sentimental value turns it into a priceless heirloom instead of some gift Mom might love for a few years then forget about. And with our jewelry for names, dates, initials, birthstones and more family emblems, we have a million ways to personalize a piece just for Mom (or for yourself to celebrate your own motherhood journey)! ❤️



Gift Idea #1: Symbols of Motherhood

In today’s world of fast fashion and mass production, what sets a gift apart is when it comes from the heart. Whether you’re gifting a new mom, mom-to-be or veteran mama, choosing a jewelry piece made to symbolize motherhood is one of the sweetest ways to go—and we’ve designed so many pieces that do just that. 


Left to right: Kindred Birthstone NecklaceFloral Frame Necklace


Opt for our fan-favorite Mama Necklace (the daintiest script pendant) or our Toujours Necklace (a keepsake of unconditional love) for any of the mamas in your life. Another symbolic standout piece? Our Three Graces Necklace: a creative Mother’s Day gift to share with Mom, sisters and aunts.

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Left to right: Rhone BandMicro Signet RingHarmony Necklace


Gift Idea #2: Kids & Family Emblems

Personalize a jewelry piece with kids’ names, initials, birthstones or birth flowers and turn your family story into a wearable keepsake—the perfect idea for grandmas with several grandchildren, expecting moms or any motherhood figure who wants to keep their family close. 


Left to right: Aura Birthstone RingAura Birthstone Hoops


The Micro Signet Ring is a favorite for stacking up kids’ initials, and the Aura Collection is full of our best-selling birthstone jewelry to symbolize every member of the family (from birthstone charms to birthstone hoops and more). We can’t forget our Bennett Necklace, either: our #1 best-seller with a bigger canvas for symbols and initials.


Featured: Bennett Necklace with one initial tag.


Does Mom already have a GLDN piece she loves? Gift her an extra tag or charm to add to it! It could even become a cute family tradition.

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Gift Idea #3: Commemorative Keepsakes

Mother’s Day isn’t just a time to celebrate the mother figures in our lives currently, but to commemorate the ones we may have lost. Two of our community’s all-time favorite pieces are the Handwriting Necklace and Handwriting Bracelet: a family member’s handwriting turned into a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Submit a handwriting sample pulled from cards, notes, you name it, and we’ll engrave the handwriting onto a jewelry piece you or Mom will cherish forever. It’s such a powerful, personal way to keep our loved ones close as we go about our day-to-day lives.


Left to right: Micro Heart LocketFlora RingSmall Flora Necklace


Another timeless Mother’s Day jewelry idea: an Oval Locket or Micro Heart Locket with a special photograph or note inside, personalized with an initial or left blank.

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Left to right: Grace Diamond StudsDeco White Sapphire Ring


Gift Idea #4: Luxurious Staples

If there’s any time to spring for solid gold jewelry, Mother’s Day is it. While pricier than gold fill or gold vermeil, solid gold jewelry is a gift Mom can wear for a lifetime and pass down to future generations—a family heirloom in the making. It’s a gift that feels personal without being overtly personalized, and will fit in perfectly with all of Mom’s favorite outfits. 


Left to right: Taiya ChainSylvia White Sapphire Ring


If you need a place to start, we love the Taiya Chain, Floating Pearl Necklace, Grace Diamond Studs (under $200!) and the Prisma White Sapphire Ring made with lab-grown white sapphires, though all of our 14k solid gold and 10k solid gold jewelry is heirloom-quality, designed to last a lifetime and includes free repairs up to three years, should Mom ever need them. 

Shop 14k solid gold or 10k solid gold.


Left to right: Flora RingFlora Bennett Necklace

Gift Idea #5: Symbolic Flowers

Specifically, flowers that last forever. Choose from 25+ flowers in the Flora collection and have your chosen bloom hand-personalized on a timeless pendant, ring or bracelet. The My Garden Bracelet is a Mother’s Day favorite—a bar bracelet personalized with up to 5 flowers of your choice! Pick the family’s birth flowers or Mom’s favorite flowers and have them turned into a wearable bouquet. 💐 


Left to right: My Garden Meuse BandMy Garden Bracelet


You can’t go wrong with our best-selling Flora Necklace, either: a perfectly-sized floral pendant on our sparkliest chain. 

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Discover Timeless Treasures for Every Mom

Personalized jewelry isn’t  just a unique and special way to show someone you care…but it has the power to become a meaningful keepsake someone will treasure forever. Our Mother’s Day jewelry gifts are crafted in high-quality 14k gold, 10k gold, sterling silver and lab-grown gemstones, personalized in-house to tell your family story and packaged in our signature gift-ready box with a care card, handwritten note, polishing cloth and letterpress goodies inside—a priceless gift made easy.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! ✨


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