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2024 Graduation Gifts They’ll *Actually* Hold Onto Forever

Written by GLDN Team — April 26, 2024

2024 Graduation Gifts They’ll *Actually* Hold Onto Forever

Is this true? You’re looking for meaningful graduation gift ideas that don’t feel cheap or cheesy (*cough* personalized bobblehead *cough*) but you don’t want to spend an absolute fortune, either? Our answer to this gifting conundrum: personalized graduation jewelry.

Before you run screaming from this blog post, your eyes glazing over with images of bulky class rings or chintzy gold bracelets with graduation cap charms, just give us a few minutes to change your mind about what graduation jewelry can be in 2024—and why it’s the best graduation gift money can buy this year.


Why Graduation Jewelry?

Everyone loves jewelry, full stop. Everyone wants nice jewelry gifted to them! And when it comes to graduations—AKA one of the biggest milestones possibly ever—a modern piece of personalized jewelry ticks all the boxes. It’s crafted from high-quality materials (if you get it from us!). ✔️ It’s meaningful yet discreet. ✔️ It’s timeless and trend-defying. ✔️ And, of course, it marks the moment in the loveliest way. ✔️ ️ One more check for dramatic effect. ✔️

But graduation jewelry doesn’t have to cost a fortune, either—most of our favorites fall below (or right at) $100 and include a gift-ready box with letterpress goodies, too!


Pieces shown: Flora Necklace 


Gift This: Minimalist Class Rings

Nothing against traditional class rings (they’re kinda cool in their own right, we guess???) but if you’re like most high school or college grads, you may find they’re more of a fixture in the forlorn corners of your jewelry box than in your everyday stack. We propose instead: minimal, streamlined rings personalized with a discreet date that feel meaningful and non-cheesy all at once.

Our top three ring picks:


    Pieces shown from left to right: Personalized Meuse Band My Garden Meuse Band 


    Gift This: Modern Birthstone Jewelry

    Birthstones are having a big moment this year (👏) and we’re very much here for it. But unlike the bright, brash birthstones of yore, we put a twist on the traditional hues to create a palette that feels right at home in 2024. A subtler version of ruby, a softer version of aquamarine, a more woodsy take on emerald and more for every single month. Nothing’s more celebratory than a birthstone, and these pieces are the ones your grad will wear for years to come.

    Our top three birthstone picks:


      Pieces shown: Aura Starlight Necklace 


      Gift This: Empowering Mantra Jewelry

      Usher your grad into a new era with a mantra to keep close—whether it’s a written phrase or expressed in a symbol! Personal, meaningful jewelry is the best way to share your encouragement and offer strength to anyone going through an exciting transition in their life. 

      Our top three empowering picks:

      • The Getty Bar Bracelet with enough room for a short phrase (like “YAY NO MORE SCHOOL” or better yet, something sweet and sentimental!)
      • The Mystic Marseille Necklace with 5 symbolic illustration options: magicmaker, manifest, sacred, spellcaster and starpath. 
      • The Foliage Meuse Band with 3 style options: olive branch (symbolizes courage and hope), monstera (symbolizes artistry and joy) or willow (symbolizes enchantment and imagination).


        Pieces shown: Mystic Marseille Necklace


        Gift This: Symbolic Floral Jewelry

        The best way to give your grad flowers! 💐 Our best-selling Flora Collection boasts 25+ hand-illustrated flowers to choose from—a team favorite for big gifting occasions. Choose a flower by symbolism (we break down each of them in this post!) or by birth month. We also love the idea of choosing a flower that fits your grad’s personality, or reminds them of where they’re from or where they’re going next.

        Our top three floral picks:


          Pieces shown from left to right: Wildflower Hoops Flora Ring


          Gift This: Solid Gold Heirlooms

          Last but not least, the most luxurious graduation jewelry gift of all: solid gold. Because if there’s any milestone to go the extra mile, a high school or college graduation is it. This is jewelry they’ll literally wear for the rest of their lives (and even pass down to their families one day). It’s an investment in their future and a surefire way to cement yourself as their new favorite person. 😏

          Our top three solid gold picks:


            Pieces shown from left to right: Grace Diamond StudsEnneagram Collection


            How to Pick the Perfect Piece

            Get the metal right: Opt for gold fill or solid gold if you find your grad wearing mostly gold, and choose silver if cool-toned metals seem to be more their thing. If you’re unsure, base it on their skintone or ask fellow friends or family if they have any insight. (And if you mess it up, don’t stress—we offer a free exchange policy and our care team is always happy to help with that process if you need a metal switcheroo.)

            Consider their personal style: The best jewelry gifts are the ones that fit seamlessly into their wardrobe. Are they more of a minimalist? A simple, dainty piece would be best. More of a maximalist? Try a bolder piece or something with a fun illustration! You get the gist—just consider their style and let that lead the way.


            Pieces shown: Floral Locket Necklace


            Congrats, grad!

            You’ve graduated from this journal and are hereby certified to buy the best graduation gifts ever with your newfound knowledge. Go get ’em.

            Shop all personalized jewelry.
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            Happy gifting,

            Team GLDN ✨

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