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2024 Bridesmaid Jewelry Guide: Easy, Unique & Meaningful Ideas | GLDN

Written by GLDN Team — June 21, 2024

2024 Bridesmaid Jewelry Guide: Easy, Unique & Meaningful Ideas | GLDN

From the venue to the dress to the flowers to the reception, wedding planning can be beyond overwhelming (preaching to the choir!) and sometimes you need a hand with the last-minute details—specifically, this question that may be keeping you up at night: “What jewelry are my bridesmaids going to wear?!”

Let’s simplify this. Because, really, the best bridesmaid jewelry will accomplish three things (and three things only):

  1. Look gorgeous and cohesive on your wedding day
  2. Act as a thank-you gift for being in you wedding
  3. Be high-quality and timeless enough for them to hold onto 

We have the bridesmaid jewelry tips, tricks and ideas you’ve been searching for—and it’s even easier than you ever thought possible.



How to Choose Bridesmaid Jewelry Gifts

Opt for personalized pieces

Anyone could gift your bridesmaids gorgeous jewelry…but gorgeous jewelry that feels personal to them? That can be your superpower! You can personalize their pieces with anything: their names, initials, birthstones, birth flowers…or even words or symbols that speak to your friendship or commemorate your wedding day.

We make it easy to personalize a piece for everyone in your crew that will make them feel special, seen and appreciated for sticking by your side on one of the biggest days of your life.



Select demi-fine (or fine) jewelry

Demi-fine jewelry are pieces that are both high-quality and affordable: think 14k gold fill, gold vermeil and sterling silver! (Though, of course, if it’s in your budget, you can never go wrong with fine jewelry, like 14k solid gold or 10k solid gold.) The reason why we recommend this? To be blunt, your bridesmaids would rather have jewelry they can actually wear past your wedding day—not some fast-fashion pieces that will tarnish, rust or collect dust in their jewelry boxes. More and more, quality takes precedence over quantity, and your wedding jewelry is no exception.



Pick a curated set for ease

Have a large bridal party, or want to create a cohesive look for your entire crew? Bundled by us and discounted for you, our bridesmaid jewelry sets are easy to personalize for up to seven bridesmaids! Each piece arrives at your doorstep separately packaged in our sleek gift-ready boxes, with letterpress cards to fill out at home. So you can ask, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” in a way that feels authentically you (and feels effortless, too). 

Speaking of curated sets…let’s dive into each of them now. (How about that for a segue? 😉)



Curated Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets

Which set suits your wedding style?



Pick flowers for everyone’s personality

Have a floral moment with our Bridesmaid Flora Necklace Set: a bundle of 2-7 necklaces, each personalized with their own flower! Choose your wedding flowers, your bridal party’s birth flowers or the flowers that represent each of them. This is our bestselling style from the entire Flora Collection, and a fan-favorite for bridal parties year after year. It’s available in 14k gold fill, sterling silver and 14k solid gold, too, so you can choose the metal that fits your vibe and budget.



Bejewel them in your wedding colors

Enter the ever-dainty Bridesmaid Gemstone Necklace Set, featuring our community’s favorite gemstone piece: the Aura Pendant Necklace. We love the idea of choosing your wedding colors (or a few favorite colors from your palette!) or opting for your bridal party’s birthstones, favorite colors or gemstones that represent them. These pieces are tiny, shiny and subtle enough to make a delicate statement on your wedding day…and be a piece they’ll want to wear all the years after. Available in 14k gold fill, sterling silver and 10k solid gold.



Add their names to sleek bracelets

What’s a wedding look without a little wrist candy? The Bridesmaid Personalized Bracelet Set stars our Getty Bar Bracelet—the ideal midsize bracelet to make a subtle statement. Personalize each bracelet with a bridesmaid’s name, initial or short phrase that represents your wedding or your relationship! The personalization is readable, yet small (think a whisper, not a shout), so it transitions from wedding day to everyday with ease.



Choose a letter they’ll each love

Enter: the bridesmaid necklace gift that fits them to a T (or A or B or C). Our Bridesmaid Initial Necklace Set features our daintiest Personalized Yue Necklaces, each with their own unique initial! As always, this set is available in 14k gold fill, sterling silver and 14k solid gold: all high-quality metals that’ll last a lifetime.



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Need help choosing bridesmaid jewelry, have questions about personalization or want a second opinion? We have the best customer care team in the biz and would love to help you bring your wedding dreams to life. Reach out anytime at and we’d be happy to help! 

Team GLDN 🤍

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