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Meet the Flora Collection: Flower Jewelry Full of Meaning | GLDN

Written by GLDN Team — May 18, 2023

Meet the Flora Collection: Flower Jewelry Full of Meaning | GLDN

Flowers speak a special language—so much so, there’s even a word for it. Floriography is the art of communicating through flowers and uncovering the symbolism behind our world’s beloved blooms (which started as a hobby back in the Victorian era)!

While most flowers have widely accepted meanings, which we’ll get into later, they each have personal meanings worth spotlighting, too—which are just as valid (maybe even more so!). Flowers may symbolize special places, memories and people in your life—think birth flowers, wedding flowers, flowers that remind you of home—and even represent powerful affirmations you want to hold close. Or, hey, maybe you simply find a certain flower aesthetic and pretty. Also valid.

Our Flora collection is a fusion of these ideas: the age-old symbolism of flowers plus their personal meanings, brought to life in elegantly illustrated, hand-stamped jewelry made to grow with you.

Ready to bloom? Let’s find the flower for you—then we’ll help you create your piece.


What do flowers symbolize?

Flora Pendant Necklaces

Let’s start with a fun exercise: when you look at a rose versus a sunflower, for example, how do they both make you feel? How are their energies different? What does a rose evoke that a sunflower doesn’t (and vice-versa)?

Most of us will find that roses evoke a deeper, richer, more romantic feeling, while sunflowers are bright, happy and vibrant, like sunshine incarnate—but it gets much deeper and more interesting than that.

And what about lesser-known flowers and foliage—like gardenia, hellebore, lotus, olive branch? Which best represents or inspires you, and has it been hiding in plain sight all this time?

There are over 300,000 flowering plants across the globe, but our Flora collection (including our birth flower jewelry!) features 30 gorgeous florals and foliage that mean the most to us, because we think they’ll do the same for you, too.

Jump to a flower or foliage to learn about its meaning:

Aster | Baby’s Breath | Camellia | Carnation | Cherry Blossom | Chrysanthemum | Cosmos | Daisy | Daffodil | Dandelion | Forget-Me-Not | Freesia | Gardenia | Hellebore | Iris | Lotus | Lavender | Lily | MonsteraOlive Branch | Orchid | Peony | Poppy | Ranunculus | Rose | Snowdrop | Sunflower | Tulip | Wildflower | Willow

Specifically looking for birth flowers or birth flower jewelry? Head to our birth flowers journal to find your signature bloom by month!

Aster Flower Meaning

Aster Flower JewelryScientific name: Symphyotrichum
Birth flower for: September

Blossoming in fall when other flowers begin to fade, this star-shaped wildflower represents love, wisdom and faith. It’s even named after the Greek word asteri (which translates to star) and, according to ancient myth, was created by the tears of goddess Astrea.

Wear an aster as an affirmation to show yourself patience, and believe that things will work out in your favor—because the magic all lies within you.

Shop our aster flower jewelry here (available in 16 styles)!


Baby's Breath Flower Meaning

Baby's Breath Flower Jewelry

Scientific name: Gypsophila

A talisman of love, pureness and dedication, this soft, airy bloom is a beloved choice to celebrate weddings, baby showers and motherhood. Though it looks delicate, baby’s breath is surprisingly hardy; an inspiring combination of softness and strength.

Wear baby’s breath as an affirmation of everlasting love—toward yourself, toward others, toward whatever means the most to you.

Shop our baby’s breath flower jewelry here (available in 13 styles)!


Camellia Flower Meaning

Camellia Flower Jewelry

Scientific name: Camellia japonica
Birth flower for: December

This romantic flower evokes devotion, admiration and longevity—making them a lovely gift for any occasion! Camellias blossom in three seasons, including winter, and folklore states that carrying a pouch of camellia can increase your strength and courage.

Wear a camellia as an affirmation that you can overcome adversity and bloom toward the things you love the most in life.

Shop our camellia flower jewelry here (available in 11 styles)!


Carnation Flower Meaning

Carnation Flower Jewelry

Scientific name: Dianthus caryophyllus
Birth flower for: January

Growing in nearly every color of the rainbow, this flower inspires us to view the world with fascination, gratitude and confidence. It’s known as the flower of the gods in ancient Greek mythology, and has been spotlighted in writing and art for centuries—how inspiring is that?

Wear a carnation as an affirmation that your uniqueness is your superpower, and your quirks are worth celebrating.

Shop our carnation flower jewelry here (available in 16 styles)!


Cherry Blossom Flower Meaning

Cherry Blossom Flower Jewelry

Scientific name: Prunus avium
Birth flower for: March

In full bloom one day, blown away the next. This awe-inspiring flower invites mindfulness and gratitude so that we may always remember to seize the day. The cherry blossom—or sakura—is the national flower of Japan and heralds the beginning of spring.

Wear a cherry blossom as an affirmation that every moment (no matter how seemingly insignificant) is worth cherishing.

Shop our cherry blossom flower jewelry here (available in 16 styles)!


Chrysanthemum Flower Meaning

Chrysanthemum Flower Jewelry

Scientific name: Chrysanthemum morifolium
Birth flower for: November

Cultivated for more than 3,000 years, this iconic autumnal flower symbolizes respect, positivity and friendship; a foundation for joy. Look closely at a chrysanthemum and you’ll see that each flower head is actually composed of several smaller blooms! (No wonder chrysanthemums are a sacred flower in Asia.)

Wear a chrysanthemum as an affirmation that you contain multitudes, and deserve to prioritize joy and happiness in your life.

Shop our chrysanthemum flower jewelry here (available in 16 styles)! ✨ 


Cosmos Flower Meaning

Cosmos Flower Jewelry

Scientific name: Cosmos bipinnatus
Birth flower for: October

This bright, lively flower represents joy, peace and wholeness, and inspires self-reliance and resilience. Cosmos are easy to grow, quick to bloom and get their name from the Greek word kosmos, referring to the natural order and harmony of the universe. They’re even known to restore spiritual harmony if placed in the home!

Wear a cosmos as an affirmation that you are enough and have everything you need; that the world is working in your favor.

Shop our cosmos flower jewelry here (available in 16 styles)!


Daisy Flower Meaning

Daisy Flower Jewelry

Scientific name: Bellis perennis
Birth flower for: April

Playfulness, resilience and true love radiate from this sweet, simple flower, like infinite sunshine on a cloudless day. Daisies fold up at night and stretch their petals open in the morning, greeting each day with a sense of newfound joy. Fun fact: for many generations, daisies have been used in the art of divination!

Wear a daisy as an affirmation that each day holds something for you—be it happiness, spontaneity or delight waiting around the corner.

Shop our daisy flower jewelry here (available in 16 styles)!


Daffodil Flower Meaning

Daffodil Flower Jewelry

Scientific name: Narcissus
Birth flower for: March

This vibrant flower shines with resilience, truth and forgiveness, and brings an eternal reminder of spring and new beginnings. Daffodils are also the traditional flower associated with 10th wedding anniversaries, making them a symbolic gift for that lovely milestone, and are even known to bring love and luck to those who surround themselves with this flower.

Wear a daffodil as an affirmation that you have the freedom to start fresh, reinvent yourself and chase your personal truth.

Shop our daffodil flower jewelry here (available in 16 styles)!


Dandelion Flower Meaning

Dandelion Flower Jewelry

Scientific name: Taraxacum

Symbolizing freedom, optimism and fulfillment, the fluffy puff of the dandelion floats on air like a free-spirited bird on the wing. Often overlooked and disregarded as weeds, dandelions also represent prosperity and abundance, marking summers with their endless fields of yellow. Next time you see a dandelion, try this: visualize a message to a loved one and send it by blowing seeds in their direction.

Wear a dandelion as an affirmation that the sun will shine on you; that your good deeds are recognized and appreciated.

Shop our dandelion flower jewelry here (available in 13 styles)!


Forget-me-not Flower Meaning

Forget-me-not flower Jewelry

Scientific name: Myosotis

These delicate baby-blue flowers symbolize so much, from faithfulness to memory to eternal love. They’re also a powerful symbol of remembrance—a way to keep your angel babies and loved ones close—and are known to have healing properties, too.

Wear a forget-me-not as an affirmation that your loved ones are always with you—whenever, wherever.

Shop our forget-me-not flower jewelry here (available in 16 styles)!


Freesia Flower Meaning

Freesia Flower Jewelry

Scientific name: Freesia

Symbolizing trust, thoughtfulness and friendship, this spring flower blooms facing the sky and inspires connection and understanding. Freesias also blossom in cold spring temperatures, and are commonly used in aromatherapy (as their sweet scent relieves stress)!

Wear a freesia as an affirmation that love and connection is worth prioritizing, above all else.

Shop our freesia flower jewelry here (available in 5 styles)!


Gardenia Flower Meaning

Gardenia Flower Jewelry

Scientific name: Gardenia jasminoides

This elegant flower (which is a member of the coffee family!) represents clarity, spirituality and peace. They’re also known to have a high spiritual vibration—creating positive energy, a calming atmosphere and space to dream. Try scattering petals or floating a gardenia blossom in a bowl of water to evoke a sense of deep peace and spiritual awareness.

Wear a gardenia as an affirmation that everything is as it should be; that things will naturally fall into place for you.

Shop our gardenia flower jewelry here (available in 5 styles)! ✨ 


Hellebore Flower Meaning

Hellebore Flower Jewelry

Scientific name: Helleborus
Birth flower for: December

The dark beauty of the floral world, this enchanting, mysterious flower blooms in deep winter and symbolizes serenity, fortitude and peace. It thrives in frozen soils and gloomy afternoons—a true gothic delight—and brightens up the dreary winter with deeply gorgeous blossoms.

Wear a hellebore as an affirmation that peace and relief awaits in the future, despite any difficulties in the here and now.

Shop our hellebore flower jewelry here (available in 14 styles)! ✨ 


Iris Flower Meaning

Iris Flower Jewelry

Scientific name: Iris germanica
Birth flower for: February

Self-acceptance, courage and wisdom shine from the noble iris (which is the Greek word for rainbow)! Associated with nobility throughout history, the iris encourages us to lead by example and inspire others in our own unique ways. It’s also been a sacred symbol of divine protection and royalty since the 5th century!

Wear an iris as an affirmation that you have ideas worth sharing with the world; that the universe is waiting on your gifts.

Shop our iris flower jewelry here (available in 16 styles)!


Lavender Flower Meaning

Lavender Flower Jewelry

Scientific name: Lavandula

Healing. Higher purpose. Strength. A symbol of serenity and quiet power, like a field of lavender floating on the breeze. Lavender’s iconic purple hue is associated with spiritual connectivity, and its calming fragrance is known to relieve stress and invite a deep sleep. It’s even been known to invite peacefulness into the home!

Wear lavender as an affirmation that you deserve to show yourself love and care; that your needs are worthy, real and should be prioritized.

Shop our lavender flower jewelry here (available in 10 styles)!


Lily Flower Meaning

Lily Flower Jewelry

Scientific name: Lilium
Birth flower for: May

The timeless lily represents purity, devotion and compassion…and is a powerful symbol of rebirth. From forests to mountains to marshes to meadows, lilies can bloom and thrive almost anywhere—especially when planted in small groups—and remain fresh longer after they’ve been cut. When planted in a garden, they’ve even been known to ward off evil spirits and ghosts!

Wear a lily as an affirmation that life is more fruitful when surrounded by love, beauty and togetherness—and to take the time to manifest that for yourself.

Shop our lily flower jewelry here (available in 16 styles)!


Lotus Flower Meaning

Lotus Flower Jewelry

Scientific name: Nelumbo nucifera
Birth flower for: July

These tranquil beauties grow in water (yet seek warm sunshine) and inspire transformation, spirituality and rising above things that no longer serve you. The lotus is revered for its beauty and resilience—blooming pristinely from dark, murky water—and is often seen as a sacred, mystical symbol of life and spirituality.

Wear a lotus as an affirmation that negative energy can’t hold you down for long; that the light is always waiting just ahead.

Shop our lotus flower jewelry here (available in 16 styles)!


Monstera Meaning

Monstera Jewelry

Scientific name: Monstera deliciosa

Commonly known as the “swiss cheese plant,” this lush, vibrant flora represents energy, artistry, joy and abundance. It can grow up to 60 feet tall in the wild and bears delicious tropical fruit (hence its scientific name!). Few other plants can instantly brighten a room like the monstera—if you have one, you already know! 

Wear a monstera leaf as an affirmation that you have the capacity for creation, abundance and joy within you naturally—and to share your positive energy with the world.

Shop our 3 monstera styles in the Foliage collection


Olive Branch Meaning

Olive Branch Jewelry
Scientific name: Olea europaea

An age-old symbol of peace, hope, courage and forgiveness dating back to Greek mythology, the hardy olive branch can withstand drought, frost and even fire—a representation of strength and longevity.

Wear an olive branch as an affirmation that being at peace with yourself (and everything around you) is one of the world’s greatest gifts.

Shop our 5 olive branch styles in the Foliage collection


Orchid Flower Meaning

Orchid Flower Jewelry

Scientific name: Orchidaceae

This otherworldly flower is a celebration of empowerment, self-love and sensuality. They’re known for their elegance, striking beauty and abundance, too—in fact, there are four times as many orchid species as there are mammals! Known to bring luck and protection, it’s even believed that witches have used orchid root to create love potions.

Wear an orchid as an affirmation that you’re powerful, worthy and deserving; that you should show up for yourself every day.

Shop our orchid flower jewelry here (available in 7 styles)!


Peony Flower Meaning

Peony Flower Jewelry

Scientific name: Paeonia

The delicate, elegant peony can blossom for hundreds of years; no wonder they symbolize abundance, good fortune and happiness! These naturally beautiful flowers date back to 1000 BC, and are a favorite for celebrating graduations, marriages and other joyous occasions. Plus, wearing peonies is even known to protect the mind, body and soul—a powerful talisman.

Wear a peony as an affirmation that you can create a rich, prosperous life for yourself—not strictly financially speaking, but rich in experiences, memories and delight.

Shop our peony flower jewelry here (available in 15 styles)!


Poppy Flower Meaning

Poppy Flower Jewelry

Scientific name: Papaver somniferum
Birth flower for: August

This resilient flower represents peace, remembrance and rest, as well as dreams and imagination. From the scorching-hot desert to the icy Arctic Circle, poppies can bloom almost anywhere. They’re also known to inspire clear thinking, spiritual awareness and manifestation, and have long been associated with Demeter, the Greek goddess of the harvest.

Wear a poppy as an affirmation that your dreams, desires and ideas are worth paying attention to; that action and rest are a balance worth striking.

Shop our poppy flower jewelry here (available in 16 styles)!


Ranunculus Flower Meaning

Ranunculus Flower Jewelry

Scientific name: Ranunculus

Charisma. Whimsy. Radiant charm. The ranunculus needs both warm and cool temperatures to flourish, and is known to attract positivity and spontaneity wherever it grows! From their layers of paper-thin petals to their wavy, curvy stems, this flower is enchanting in every sense of the word.

Wear a ranunculus as an affirmation that the world, despite its hardships, is mesmerizing and full of magic—and remind yourself to look for these positive qualities wherever you can.

Shop our ranunculus flower jewelry here (available in 6 styles)!


Rose Flower Meaning

Rose Flower Jewelry

Scientific name: Rosa
Birth flower for: June

Will you accept this rose? This romantic, iconic flower symbolizes devotion, enchantment and protection, known for both its fragrant blossoms and thorny stems (which, fun fact, allows the rose to entwine other plants as it grows). According to folklore, if you plant roses in your garden you’ll attract fairies—and scattering rose petals will create a peaceful energy!

Wear a rose as an affirmation that you should always accept yourself—thorns and all—and chase a sense of inner harmony and happiness.

Shop our rose flower jewelry here (available in 16 styles)!


Snowdrop Flower Meaning

Snowdrop Flower Jewelry

Scientific name: Galanthus
Birth flower for: January

A symbol of support and encouragement, this winter-blooming flower represents hope, sympathy and rebirth. Snowdrops often push through frozen, snow-covered ground to bloom, and even if they collapse in freezing weather, they bounce back once temperatures rise—a beautiful nod to overcoming challenges.

Wear a snowdrop as an affirmation that you can do great things if you set your mind to it; that you’re capable and strong.

Shop our snowdrop flower jewelry here (available in 16 styles)!


Sunflower Meaning

Sunflower Jewelry

Scientific name: Helianthus

This smile-inducing flower—which thrives in hot, dry months—brings a sense of joy, optimism and abundance everywhere it blossoms, like a never-ending summer. Their lively yellow petals are instant mood boosts, they’re known to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety and they’re even believed to bring good luck to their gardeners. Talk about something to smile about.

Wear a sunflower as an affirmation that the sun—and everything it represents—is worth seeking; that the light will always find you.

Shop our sunflower jewelry here (available in 13 styles)!


Tulip Flower Meaning

Tulip Flower Jewelry

Scientific name: Tulipa

Beloved tulips can grow in mountainous, rocky areas, and symbolize intention, success and determination—and, in some cases, even represent pure, perfect love (stemming from Turkish and Persian folktales!). In the middle ages, tulips were more valuable and expensive than jewels, known to attract goodness and abundance into your home.

Wear a tulip as an affirmation that you have what it takes to bring your dreams to fruition or start afresh.

Shop our tulip flower jewelry here (available in 11 styles)!


Wildflower Meaning

Wildflower Jewelry

Scientific name: Undefined

Symbolizing individuality, authenticity and personal growth, these non-conforming blooms grow wildly without human intervention. From black-eyed Susans to coneflowers to goldenrod, there are hundreds of wildflowers that carpet the world in color as the summer comes to a close, as if a goddess grew them all with a wave of her hand.

Wear a wildflower as an affirmation that you’re free—to do what you please, to create the life you want—and grow on your own terms.

Shop our wildflower jewelry here (available in 15 styles)!


Willow Meaning

Willow Jewelry

Scientific name: Salix babylonica

Bewitching and otherworldly, the willow symbolizes enchantment, protection, deep emotions and imagination. Its crown of branches drapes to the ground in summer, and the underside of its leaves shine silver in the light. Fun fact: the wood from weeping willows is often used to make flutes—how fitting is that?! 🍃

Wear a weeping willow branch as an affirmation that your inner world is rich, imaginative and worth cultivating; a reminder of your one-of-a-kind spirit.

 Shop our 3 willow styles in the Foliage collection


Meet our Flora jewelry collection.

Now that you’ve explored our symbolic blooms (and hopefully found the one for you), let’s take a look at all the ways you can wear your flora and carry it with you.

As for our Flora jewelry, each flower is elegantly illustrated and every piece is lovingly stamped by hand in our studio, crafted in your choice of 14k gold fill, sterling silver or 14k solid gold (in select pieces)—intentionally made to cherish for a lifetime!


Flower Pendant Necklaces

Flower Disk Necklaces

Disk Necklaces

Spotlight a beloved bloom on one of our best-selling floral jewelry pieces—they’re GLDN classics (for good reason) and stack beautifully with other pendant necklaces and chains.

For a timeless look, choose the delicate Small Flora Necklace, take it one size up with the midsize Flora Necklace or try our Small Flora Link Necklace—the pendant is suspended on the chain so it always stays perfectly in place.

Our Flora Bennett Necklace is even more customizable, with your choice of flower plus up to five add-on initial tags! You can even make your initials the star of the show with our Floral Frame Necklace.


Flora Boxy Tag Pendant Necklaces

Boxy Tag Necklaces

Romantic florals meet an angular silhouette in this edgier take on flower jewelry. It’s a master class in mixing masculine and feminine energies, because we’re never just one thing (but multifaceted, just like a flower).

Highlight your favorite bloom on our Flora Marseille Necklace.


Flower Rings

Flora Stacking Rings

Stacking Rings

Like a field of florals, a lush garden or a blooming bouquet, our Meuse Bands are made to mirror the natural world, perfectly imperfect and one-of-a-kind. Each flower is hand-stamped individually around the band, meaning no two will be alike (and the design will look unique from every angle)!

Wear one of your favorite flowers on our Flora Meuse Band, create your own arrangement of 1-7 flowers with the My Garden Meuse Band (our most customizable Flora piece yet!) or spotlight your initial with the Personalized Floral Frame Band.


Flora Statement Rings

Statement Rings

Like a modern, floral take on classic cameo jewelry, our oval statement ring puts your favorite bloom front and center. Its flattering shape hugs your finger *just right* and stands out from the rest of your stack in such an elegant way.

Personalize your Flora Ring with your signature flower.


Flower Bracelets

Flora Bar Bracelets

Bar Bracelets

Part chain bracelet, part cuff bracelet, versatile as can be. Similar to our My Garden Meuse Band, choose 1-5 blooms that mean the most to you to be hand-stamped on this bar bracelet—think wedding flowers, your family’s birth flowers, flowers chosen by symbolism and so much more.

Customize your My Garden Bracelet with up to five of your favorite florals.


Flora Suspended Bar Bracelets

Suspended Disk Bracelets

Inspired by our Link Pendant Necklaces, this suspended pendant always stays perfectly in place—an understated way to wrap your wrist with a meaningful jewelry piece.

Shop the Flora Mila Bracelet and cultivate your stack.


Flower Earrings

Flora Earrings

Our first foray into floral earrings and flower petal jewelry, our Wildflower Hoops and Mini Wildflower Hoops make a bold statement with a touch of ease, like a field of wildflower swaying in the breeze.

Unlike the rest of our Flora collection, this silhouette is only available with one flower option—but check back often, as the GLDN garden is always growing!

Flowers are our love language—can’t you see why? We believe they have the power to inspire, commemorate, celebrate and symbolize what means the most to each of us—in their own delicate, beautiful ways—and tell a one-of-a-kind story with every wear.

We hope you discovered a meaningful flower or found a newfound appreciation for the wonders of our world. And if you found a new jewelry piece (for you or a loved one!), we hope that wearing it inspires you…just as much as making it inspires us.

You deserve your flowers. May they grow with you. 💐

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