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How To Make Valentine’s Day Special On a Budget | GLDN

Written by GLDN Team — August 29, 2023

How To Make Valentine’s Day Special On a Budget | GLDN

Jewelry might seem out of reach as a Valentine gift, but GLDN gets it – and we have the pieces to fit any budget.

Because we’re creating each piece as you order, we don’t have tons of inventory lying around – which means we can keep our prices lower, by selling directly to you. So read on for some of our most popular, creative Valentine gifts at any price point.


Valentine's Jewelry Gifts from GLDN


Make the day extra special with a jewelry gift

Valentine’s day jewelry: the classic, no-fail gift we all love for a reason. It’s timeless, thoughtful and conveys a sense of love, appreciation and commitment like no other—something your special someone can cherish forever.

Need more reasons to love jewelry as a Valentine’s Day gift? We’ve got a few. ❤️

  • It’s symbolic: whether you opt for heart-shaped emblems, romantic pearls, meaningful florals or lockets filled with mementos, our jewelry pieces were made to represent what means most to you. 
  • It’s versatile: unlike most gifts, Valentine’s Day jewelry doubles as a surprise on the day of and a keepsake they’ll love for a lifetime—something they can truly enjoy evry single day.
  • It’s easy to find the perfect piece: with metals, styles and sizes galore, we have the perfect option for your perfect someone. 
  • It celebrates your love: add your initials, names or anniversary date—just a few ideas—to a timeless piece that tells your love story. We have a million ways to personalize a special piece!

Sold? Let’s take a look at some affordable jewelry gifts.


Meaningful Gifts Under $60


Meaningful Jewelry Gifts Under $60

Ready to ship at a moment’s notice, we handmade a few of our favorite Valentine’s Day jewelry ahead of time—all under $60 and more than perfect.


Rose NecklaceRose Necklace

Roses that’ll never wilt—how romantic is that? Surprise your partner with an everblooming rose from our Flora collection (no green thumb required). 

Shop the Rose Necklace


Stardust HoopsStardust Hoops

For the one who’s out of this world: hand-personalized hoops dotted with tiny stars! A sweet, symbolic reminder that they’re a star in your eyes.

Shop the Stardust Hoops


Pleine Lune NecklacePleine Lune Necklace

When in doubt, go for pearls—the queen of gemstones! A single freshwater pearl suspended on our sparkliest chain, and one of our best-sellers of all time.

Shop the Pleine Lune Necklace


Personalized Jewelry Under $100


Personalized Jewelry Gifts Under $100

Personalized Valentine’s Day jewelry is our speciality—and these picks under $100 are ready to tell your love story.


Bennett NecklaceBennett Necklace

Personalize the main disk with a special symbol or initial, then add up to five tiny tags to symbolize all your loves—great for families with kids, or a piece to celebrate your best friends.

Shop the Bennett Necklace


Memoire RingMemoire Ring

Be the main characters of this sparkling story with your name plus your partner’s! This delicate, timeless wrap ring will outlast all trends—and symbolize your love in the daintiest way.

Shop the Memoire Ring


Micro Heart Locket NecklaceMicro Heart Locket Necklace

We couldn’t leave this list without a locket. Ready to personalize with an initial (or leave blank!), this tiny expression of love can be filled with a photo, tiny note, flower petals and more.

Shop the Micro Heart Locket Necklace 


Solid Gold Jewelry Gifts Under $350


Solid Gold Jewelry Gifts Under $350

Crafted to last a lifetime, 14k and 10k solid gold is the ultimate symbol of love—both jewelry for this Valentine’s Day…and heirlooms for future generations.


Duet RingDuet Ring

Our modern take on the infinity ring, this elegant piece was designed to symbolize togetherness.

Shop the Duet Ring


Basquiat Bar BraceletBasquiat Bar Bracelet

Personalize this bar bracelet with names, dates, initials or Roman numerals. The letters are teeny-tiny, like a little secret from you to your recipient!

Shop the Basquiat Bar Bracelet


Floral Frame NecklaceFloral Frame Necklace

Frame a few special initials with our signature hand-illustrated florals for a romantic touch of personalization.

Shop the Floral Frame Necklace


Valentine's Day Jewelry Gifts From GLDN


Extra tips to plan a budget-friendly Valentine's Day

Gifts are just one part of it! Now that you have a few ideas, let’s explore how to make the most out of Valentine’s Day on a budget—because making someone feel extra special doesn’t have to be extra expensive.

  • Write your partner a handwritten letter. Something free that means so, so much.
  • Pack a picnic. Prepare something at home or pick up food from your favorite spot, then have a romantic picnic in the park (or even your own backyard)! 
  • Make them breakfast in bed. You might think this is overdone…but we don’t think it’s done enough! Enjoying coffee without having to get up and make it? There’s no luxury like it. 
  • Make a photo album. Print out some of your favorite photos of the two of you over the years (or put together a digital album!) and reminisce on your favorite memories.
  • Have a movie marathon. Optional additions: snacks, candles, a blanket fort.
  • Explore somewhere new. Break out of your usual routine and take a scenic drive somewhere nearby.
  • Plan a game night. Those dusty board games in the closet might be more fun than you realize!
  • Create a bucket list. Whether it’s a few months or years in the future, take some time to list the things you’d love to do together soon.
  • Have a spa day at home. Face masks, massages, bubble baths (or all of the above).
  • Bake or cook together. It can be even more fun than going out sometimes! 
  • Go stargazing. Grab a blanket and snacks, and head out to your favorite nearby park.

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovebirds! Remember: though it’s easy to fall into this headspace, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive to be special. With a little creativity and effort, you can plan an amazing date on any budget that your partner will love.


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