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Most-Loved Valentine’s Day Jewelry | Our 2024 Edit | GLDN

Written by GLDN Team — January 11, 2024

Most-Loved Valentine’s Day Jewelry | Our 2024 Edit | GLDN

This year’s edit is the only Valentine’s Day gift guide you need. Each piece is a celebration of doing what you love, wearing what you love and being who you love—just for the love of it. Gold jewelry that feels like home, charm jewelry that’s sweeter than candy and pearls with a playful twist. Pieces that feel luxurious and meaningful and fun all at the same time, the perfect treat for yourself if you’ve been holding out. They all make great Valentine’s Day gifts, too, staples anyone would love and could add to their jewelry wardrobe effortlessly! All in a free gift-ready box, too.

Without further ado: here’s what we’re crushing on this Valentine’s Day.


Crushing On: Playful Pearls

Why we love them: they don’t take themselves too seriously. Think throwbacks to classic pearls designed in fresh new ways—a reimagining of something timeless that feels right at home in 2024. They’re easy to dress up and down, and add a soft, flattering glow to your stack that complements silver and gold alike. Ethereal in an instant. 

How to wear them: start with a Floating Pearl Necklace or Organic Pearl Strand Necklace—perfectly imperfect, playful pearl pieces—and add a few chains for contrast. We love them with longer pendant necklaces, too, to ground the look.


Kana Earrings

left: Pleine Lune Necklace & Floating Pearl Necklace | right: Dainty Heart Chain & Pleine Lune Necklace

left: Floating Pearl Necklace | right: Organic Pearl Strand Necklace

left: Organic Pearl Strand Necklace | right: Floating Pearl Necklace & Baroque Pearl Necklace

Product featured: Kana Earrings / Pleine Lune Necklace / Floating Pearl Necklace / Dainty Heart Chain / Organic Pearl Strand Necklace

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Crushing On: Barely-There Chains

Why we love them: a tiny flash of gold or silver on the collarbone is like a highlight for your skin (AKA super flattering). The jewelry equivalent of a dusting of glitter on your cheekbones, or the sun sparkling on your hair. It adds that extra radiance without being like, Hey, look at me, I’m wearing a necklace!” Which, of course, opens up the opportunity for statement earrings. 👀✨

How to wear them: layer a few dainty, textured chains for optimum sparkle and shine, like our new Dainty Heart Chain. We love short chokers and chains that rest along the collarbone, and bonus points for adding a few tiny charms! Most of our chains can be made to custom lengths, so stack away.


Dainty Heart Chains

left: Box Chain | right: Dainty Heart Bracelet

4 gold layered necklace chains on model

Product featuredDainty Heart Chain / Pendant Chains (from top to bottom) Box Chain, Mini Paperclip ChainFigaro Chain, Radiant Chain, Minimal Cable Chain / Dainty Heart Bracelet

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Crushing On: Supreme Ring Stacks

Why we love them: a ring stack is beyond fun to curate over time. Add a dainty stacking ring there, a personalized ring there, a statement ring there. The result? An everyday look that becomes part of you—your jewelry signature, if you will! Another reason: rings are one of the few jewelry pieces you can actually see as you’re wearing them and, hey, any excuse for a little mood boost in these times. (In this essay, we will…)

How to wear them: choose a focal piece, like a Flora Ring or Grande Band, add texture with a few Adria Rings, and add a pop of pearls or gemstones—either the Aura Birthstone Ring or Organic Pearl Ring (just a few of our current favorites)! Though there are a million ways to go about it. The entire idea is making it yours over time.


Aura Birthstone Ring

4 personalized gold bands with roman numerals, dates and names

left: Model wearing 4 gold rings | right: 2 gold bands with roman numerals

Model wearing various rings of different shapes over sheer gloves

Product featured: Aura Birthstone Rings / Personalized Bands (from left to right) Grande Band, Thames Band, Rhone Band, Meuse Band / Una Ring / Flora Meuse Band / Flora RingOrganic Pearl Ring / Milly Band / Slim Signet Ring / Olive Branch Signet / Agnes Ring

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Crushing On: Collectible Charms

Why we love them: *tiny voice* they are so cuuuuute! 🥹No, really: a little strawberry charm, a baby gothic initial pendant, a petite pearl charm, itty-bitty gemstone charms in 12 modern hues and more. There are so many ways to dress up your chains, hoops and bracelets and unlock new characters in your jewelry story.

How to wear them: choose a charm necklace or shop our add-on charms separately to adorn pieces you already own and love. Collect charms throughout time, or match your jewelry to your mood—you know, like a little chili pepper if you’re feeling extra spicy one way.


Grouping of various charms and add-ons

Grouping of various initial, personalized and gemstone add-on charms

Product featured: Extra Aura Gemstone Charm / Serif Initial Pendant / Strawberry Charm / Extra Yue Disk (personalized with initial in 'Modern') / Gothic Initial Pendant / Extra Frankie Heart (personalized with initial in 'Script') / Extra Vollmond Disk (personalized with 'Heart' illustration) / Extra Lor Disk (personalized with initial in 'Script') / Extra Maude Heart (personalized with initial in 'Elegant') 

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Our Top Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts

If you want to surprise someone you love, our personalized jewelry and symbolic jewelry is what you’re looking for. Personalize a piece with names, initials, dates, coordinates and more meaningful mementos, or choose a floral piece from our Flora collection to say it all with a symbolic flower. (There are over 25 blooms to choose from!)


left: Ono Necklace | right: Rhone Band

3 heart pendant necklaces

left: Memoire Ring | right: Handwriting Bracelet

left: Gilded Garden Set | right: Flora Marseille Necklace

Flora Locket, Dainty Heart Chain, Aura Pendant Necklace

left: My Garden Bracelet, Basquiat Bracelet | right: Personalized Lor Necklace

Product featured: Ono Necklace / Rhone BandMaude Heart Necklace / Frankie Heart Necklace / Alma Heart Necklace / Memoire Ring / Handwriting Bracelet / Gilded Garden Earring Set / Flora Marseille Necklace / Floral Locket / Aura Pendant Necklace / Dainty Heart Chain / My Garden Bracelet / Basquiat Bar Bracelet / Personalized Lor Necklace


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Hope your Valentine’s Day is full of what you love, big or small. (And, hey, a special jewelry piece doesn’t hurt either.) 

Happy V-Day!
Team GLDN ✨

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