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How To Design Your Own Personalized Jewelry Piece | GLDN

Written by GLDN Team — November 08, 2023

How To Design Your Own Personalized Jewelry Piece | GLDN

Of all the accessories, jewelry is the most personal. Think necklaces inscribed with names, rings set with birthstones, solid gold passed down through generations (and so much more). Nothing against off-the-shelf jewelry, of course—it’s great for style-forward, on-trend pieces—but there’s nothing quite like upgrading your accessory game with jewelry that means more.

Up until recently, though, creating custom jewelry has been expensive and unattainable; a luxury experience few can afford. But what if that wasn’t the case—and you could realistically design a personalized, meaningful piece without stretching your budget? (The crowd goes wild!)

Ahead, we’ll walk you through how to make custom jewelry with a little help from your friends (AKA the team here at GLDN).


What To Expect Designing Your Own Jewelry

Designing your own jewelry is fun, rewarding and—with our help—easier than you might think. Choose your preferred metals and gemstones, add bespoke personalization (like names, initials or dates, for example) and have it made in your preferred size. The result? A keepsake you’ll love for a lifetime.

But the question is: where do you start? How do you know which style of jewelry you’re looking for, or which personalization to add? Which metal do you choose? And if this piece is meant to be a gift—what then? Let’s dive a bit deeper into the art of custom jewelry design so you can bring your piece to life.


Kindred Birthstone Necklace


Steps To Designing Personalized Jewelry

Wondering how to design your own jewelry piece? There are a few things to consider before you jump in—all fun decisions to make, we promise!

Search Design Styles

The first step of custom jewelry design? Choosing the style of the piece! Are you looking for something dainty and minimal, or something a bit bolder? Are you looking for something to wear 24/7, or only on special occasions? Let these questions guide you as you determine your preferred jewelry style. If you’d like a timeless everyday piece, opt for something a bit simpler that’ll pair with anything and outlast any current trends. If you’d like something bolder and flashier, perhaps a piece with gemstones or pearls would be a good bet!

Consider Metal Options

Just as important as the style is the metal your piece will be created in. From price to color to skin tone, there are several factors that affect this decision—and only you’ll know which metal is right for you.

  • Looking for budget-friendly jewelry?

    We’d recommend either sterling silver (great for cool skin tones) or 14k gold fill (great for warm skin tones). Both are lower-cost alternatives to solid white gold or solid yellow gold, and will hold up for years with minimal upkeep!
  • Looking for a piece that’ll last lifetimes?

    10k solid gold and 14k solid gold are the way to go. These heirloom-quality metals are made for 24/7 wear—meaning you can wear them day-in and day-out, even in the shower—and won’t tarnish, chip or fade. They require very little upkeep (just a polish here and there) and can be passed down to future generations. 

    Wondering what the difference is between 10k and 14k solid gold, or which one is right for you? We answer all your questions in this journal!

Tell Your Story

The most important part of custom-designed jewelry: what you want your piece to represent. What’s the meaning behind the piece you want to create? Does it represent your personality or interests? Will it be customized with a name, initial or date you want to hold close? Maybe it represents an important part of your life—your wedding, the birth of your child, a friendship, a partnership, a pet, a special place.


Our Favorite Personalized Jewelry Ideas

Now that you have an idea of how to design custom jewelry, here are some of our favorite ways to personalize your piece—and turn a simple piece of jewelry into something more.


Personalized Name Jewelry

Name & Initial Jewelry

Whether you’d like to represent yourself or someone special, these pieces are perfect for spotlighting a meaningful name or initial. 

Some ideas we love: customize a pendant necklace with the initials of your whole family, add bespoke handwriting to a nameplate necklace or personalize this wrap ring with the initials or you and your partner.


Personalized Date & Roman Numerals Jewelry

Jewelry With Dates & Numbers

Whether it’s a birthdate, wedding date, house number or lucky number, these pieces were made to spotlight your special digits.

Some ideas we love: customize a bar bracelet with your wedding date, add your child’s birthday to a dainty band ring or personalize a tag necklace with the house number of your childhood home.


Personalized Jewelry With Symbols

Jewelry With Symbols

Sometimes symbols are the perfect way to say it all—from meaningful flowers to zodiac signs to emblems of empowerment.

Some ideas we love: customize a pendant necklace to symbolize motherhood, add your star sign to a timeless bracelet or choose from our garden of meaningful flower jewelry.


Personalized Birth Month Jewelry

Birth Month Jewelry

Birth month jewelry is one of our favorite custom-designed jewelry options—it’s a celebration of you, through and through! 

Some ideas we love: personalize an oval ring with your birth flower or add your birthstone to this dainty pendant necklace (featuring modern gemstones you’ll love).


Personalized Anniversary Jewelry

Anniversary Jewelry

The sweetest way to celebrate your partnership? Custom-designed jewelry. Whether your relationship is new or you’ve been together for years, there’s no better way to keep your love close.

Some ideas we love: customize a bar bracelet with coordinates to your first date location or wedding venue, add your partner’s name to this timeless band ring or personalize this dainty pendant necklace with your initial and theirs.


Personalized Milestone Jewelry

Milestone Jewelry

Honor life’s biggest, brightest moments with custom jewelry—from graduations to adopting a new pet to moving into your first home. Jewelry is like a tiny, shiny time capsule, commemorating the past and highlighting your memories well into the future.

Some ideas we love: personalize this pendant necklace with a pawprint and your pet’s initials, turn this elegant ring into a modern class ring or add your house number to this dainty cuff bracelet.



Bring Your Personalized Jewelry Design To Life

Custom-designed jewelry is all about those little personal touches that make your piece unique—because that’s how jewelry should be. Ready to create a customized piece of jewelry that truly reflects you or someone you love? Start designing your own unique piece and commemorate your story. We can’t wait to see how you make it yours.

Team GLDN ✨

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