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Check Out What's New

Written by GLDN Team — July 08, 2020

Check Out What's New

Notice anything new?

We’re so excited to show off some updates we’ve been making to our website. Since we launched, we’ve tried to find the best way to help you find the perfect piece. These new features not only help you find exactly what you want, but they allow you to visualize and experiment while creating your piece. (And they’re really fun to play with.)
Take a look at some of the changes we’ve made, and please reach out with any feedback or thoughts as we fine-tune the site! You can also fill out a short survey about feature updates here.


This is the biggest change you’ll probably notice! When you go to make a piece, you’ll now see an image of the piece you’re making, including a live preview of fonts and symbols as you create it. As you play with it, you’ll notice some other changes:
  • No more character counts – you’ll be able to tell right away what fits on a piece and what doesn’t.
  • Symbols are organized by category, making it simple to find the right one.
Wanna add a tag? Every listing that offers additional tags has an easy option to add one to your necklace as you make it. (But you can still buy one on its own here.)

We’ve also made it way easier to find what you’re looking for on our site.
  • Shop by meaning. Symbols of empowerment, love, family (and others!) are grouped together for easy browsing.
  • Use filters to narrow down metals and personalization styles.
  • Look out for the "personalize" tag to quickly see what pieces can be customized.
Check out what other customers are saying about the piece you’re browsing, and ask questions for customer answers.

And just a heads up:
Do make sure to make an account on our new site. (Your old account will not transfer.)
If you have a promo code or gift card, it’ll still work at checkout. Reach out to our Care Team if you’re having any trouble.

We hope you like the updates as much as we do. Have fun exploring and do let us know any thoughts/feedback/changes you’d like to share in our survey!

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