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How to Wear Silver and Gold Jewelry Together | GLDN

Written by GLDN Team — July 03, 2024

How to Wear Silver and Gold Jewelry Together | GLDN

Silver or gold? Our well-researched answer is:

Quite possibly the biggest trend of 2024, mixed metals are having a moment—because life’s too short to just wear one metal. Mixing metals in your jewelry stack gives a certain je ne sais quoi and automatically places you on the Cool Girl List (you know, that list we all have in the back of our minds). Mixing silver and gold jewelry creates such a carefree vibe…and we’ll show you exactly how to get it right.


Tip #1: Keep It Balanced

Wearing gold and silver together is like a dance: you want to give both their time to shine (one shouldn’t completely overtake the other!) and help balance each other out. If you’re just starting out, aim for a similar number of silver and gold pieces in each category. For example, try 2-3 stacking rings in gold, and 2-3 stacking rings in silver. You don’t need the exact same amount, but an amount that looks generally balanced and evenly spaced will make mixing gold and silver rings look harmonious and easy to pull off.


Team GLDN tip from Emma:

“My fave is a mixed metal ring stack of the same rings on the same finger! A silver and gold Clara Ring stacked? Stunning. A silver and gold Slim Signet Ring stacked? Gorgeous.”


Tip #2: Layer Necklaces

Silver and gold chains were made for layering, making them some of the easiest pieces to mix. To start your mixed metal stack, choose your focal piece (that is, your chunkiest chain or boldest pendant necklace) in either gold or silver. Next, add a long, daintier necklace and short, dainty necklace on either side of your focal piece in the other metal. This is just one way to go about it, but it’s a quick, easy way to get a necklace stack that feels balanced.


Team GLDN tip from Marissa:

“This is the only mixed metal combo I've been brave enough to try because I'm a #goldgirlie at heart, but I love the Aura Starlight Necklace in silver paired with the Iconic Chain in gold fill! It would also be super cute with the Radiant Chain so you get double shine from the star and the little suns.”


Tip #3: Mix Charms & Chains

Bold statement: your charm or pendant doesn’t have to be the same metal as your chain. 😱 In fact, wearing gold and silver jewelry together in one piece is the simplest way to mix your metals. Try swapping your charms or pendants (putting a gold pendant on a silver chain and vice-versa), then layer from there! Mixing silver and gold pendants is an eclectic way to add more intrigue to your jewelry stack…and it doesn’t even require buying a new piece, either.


Tip #4: Play With Earring Stacks

Not to choose favorites…but mixing gold and silver earrings may be the most fun of all. There are so many ways to go about it: gold studs with silver hoops, silver drop earrings paired with gold drop earrings, a stack of gold and silver hoops (like our Flow Hoops designed for mixing metals)! Like the rest of our tips, we recommend trying to keep your earrings balanced at first, too, to make your look harmonious: like gold-silver-gold if you have three piercings, or a different metal in each piercing if you have two.


Team GLDN tip from Rikki:

“I’m equally obsessed with both silver and gold, and I have a ton of piercings to play with—which means I mix up my earrings quite a bit. I love a classic gold hoop (like the Naomi Hoops) in my first piercing, an edgy silver stud (like the Starlight Studs) in my second piercing and a tiny gold huggie hoop in my third piercing (the Ona Huggie Hoops are great for this). It’s like a mixed metal sandwich with some fun asymmetry thrown in!”


So, can you wear gold and silver together?

We hope this blog convinced you the answer is YES. Plus, wearing both silver and gold makes it simpler to match your jewelry to the hardware on your bags, belts and shoes…and looks great on all skin tones with the balance of warm tones and cool tones. So, the next time you ask, “What color goes with silver?” just know the answer is GOLD. 🥇


Happy mixing! 


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