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2022 GLDN Year in Review | GLDN

Written by GLDN Team — December 23, 2022

2022 GLDN Year in Review | GLDN

No two years at a small business—or days, for that matter—are ever the same (and we wouldn’t have it any other way). For us, 2022 was a year of exploration, creation and celebration; of learning who we are at GLDN…and really leaning into our special superpowers.

We dreamt up a ton of new pieces, showed our community lots of love, welcomed new team members, read some heartwarming GLDN reviews and so much more we’re excited to share with you!

Let’s dive into the highlights, shall we? 


Five Favorite Launches

Since choosing a favorite new piece is essentially like choosing a favorite child (see: impossible!) we decided to narrow it down a bit…and celebrate our latest jewelry launches that are also firsts for us here at GLDN.

White Sapphire Hoops

Our first gemstone hoops: White Sapphire Hoops

Meet Ona, Olivia, Ophelia and Octavia: four GLDN jewelry basics sparkled with white sapphires and seamlessly hinged for easy wearing. We really wanted to create hoops that felt both everyday and elevated—a piece that’s truly timeless instead of trendy—and we finally did it! If the perfect pair of leggings were an earring, they’d be one of these.

Shop our White Sapphire Essentials.


Mystery Box and Nova Hoops

Our first surprise bundle: Curated Mystery Box

This was the year we left it all to fate…and let our founder and lead designer choose your pieces for you! Each limited-edition box included 3-4 hand-picked pieces—some new designs, some from the GLDN archives, some pulled from quality-checked, unworn returns—brilliantly bundled at around 25% off original prices.

Join the waitlist for a back-in-stock alert!


Our first symbolic hoops: Nova & Stardust Hoops

Twinkle, twinkle, hand-stamped stars! Our whole thing here at GLDN is crafting meaningful, symbolic pieces that tell a story. So we thought…why stop at necklaces, rings and bracelets?! Enter our most enchanting hoops yet: your everyday reminder to delight in the universe.

Shop the styles:

Nova Hoops | Stardust Hoops


Initial Necklaces

Our first alphabet pendants: Initial Necklaces

You know we love a pendant necklace…and a freestanding initial seemed like the obvious next move! Just as symbolic as a disk but with a little more edge, these pieces are truly all about U. Go for the delicately dark Gothic variety (🥀) or stick to the sweet simplicity of the Serif pendant.

Shop our Letter Pendants.


Meuse Bands

Our first symbolic band rings: Meuse Bands

The snake. The bee. The galaxy. The florals we love so much. We took our timeless 4mm band and hand-stamped them with some of our favorite natural wonders. The result? One-of-a-kind pieces rich with story and symbolism—AKA what we do best.

Shop our illustrative Meuse Bands:

Celestial Meuse Band | Snake Meuse Band | Honey Bee Meuse Band | Flora Meuse Band


Five Heartwarming Stories

Everything you share inspires us to show up to work every single day! You make us laugh, you make us smile, you make us cry (in a good way!) and we truly read every review and appreciate every photo you tag us in. If we could share 500 here, we would, but for brevity’s sake we’re spotlighting the jewelry reviews that give us all the warm and fuzzies.

Customer UGC Images

Left: @m1chellek1m featuring Sia Initial Huggie Hoops / Bennett Necklace
Right: @jaylee.robinett featuring Micro Heart Locket Necklace


“My partner and I stumbled upon GLDN products about 5 years ago. Since then we have celebrated many holidays and anniversaries by exchanging that small stone colored box; as soon as we see it we know we’re going to love what’s inside. I recently purchased the Duet Ring for my partner celebrating our 6th anniversary together and I’d have to say that it’s one of her favorites. One of the previous reviews suggested that you go up about a half a size for a more comfortable fit, I did that and it fits her perfectly. She wears it every day and I even notice that when she’s nervous about something she fidgets with it. I hope this ring brings you all the comfort and security that it brings her.”

– Sarah B. on the Duet Ring


Customer UGC Image

Image: @jessfindsvintage featuring Sona Necklace / Hannah Necklace / Adria Ring


“My mom loved this bracelet I gave her on my wedding day! My middle name means “peaceful lotus flower” and I got her the lotus flower bracelet. She cried because she loved it so much! Thank you for making this special gift and helping me create this special moment."

– Trisha G. on the Flora Mila Bracelet


Customer UGC ImagesLeft: @morgan.l.west featuring Marcie Oval Ring / Personalized Yue Necklace / Birth Flower Necklace
Right: @photo.bywt featuring Flora Ring


"My husband and I bought this gift for our toddler daughter who was also our flower girl. We gifted it to her on our wedding day to commemorate the event. Our little one was SO totally thrilled to have a special piece of jewelry. It has become one of her most prized possessions & she's learning a bit of responsibility with making sure to put it in the special box each night. I also must mention that customer service was incredibly helpful in guiding my purchase for the correct size, an alternate clasp, and assuring me that my last-minute order would arrive in time (even earlier than expected) before the wedding."

– Holly S. on the Micro Heart Locket Necklace


Customer UGC ImageImage: @ren.mckenzie featuring Lamarr Hoops


“I got the Bennett necklace for a recent college graduate. I included the first initial of her name, and also a sun charm to signify the light that she shines on this world. It was a very sentimental piece and extremely well-made. I have always ordered from GLDN and will continue to do so.”

– Katie B. on the Bennett Necklace


Customer UGC ImagesLeft: @itsmonicavargas featuring Grande Band
Right: @itsbrittanyfiiasco featuring Dainty Gothic Initial Necklace


"This piece was so amazing that it brought me to tears. It is my late grandmother's handwriting of my mom's name and it is the most perfect gift. More amazing than I could have imagined!"

– Haley S. on the Handwriting Necklace


Five Best Sellers

You know them. You love them. (And if you don’t know them, let this be your introduction!) Our community has really great taste—and these were their top picks and favorite jewelry trends of 2022.

Bennett Necklace + Micro Signet Ring

Top Necklace: Bennett Necklace

The magic of this piece lies in its simplicity, timelessness and endless customization. With room for one main pendant and up to five (!) extra disks, it’s one of the sweetest ways to commemorate all your loves…with an initial for each and every one.

Shop the Bennett Necklace.


Top Ring: Micro Signet Ring

Our tiniest take on the traditional silhouette, this little signet has become quite the GLDN signature. Our favorite ways to wear it? On the index finger, as a pinkie or midi ring, or with a few stacked up.

Shop the Micro Signet Ring.


Basquiat Bar Bracelet

Top Bracelet: Basquiat Bar Bracelet

New to best seller status this year (👏) reigns this double-duty bracelet—part chain, part bar, —with room for names, dates, initials, you name it. It makes a great anniversary, birthday or bridesmaid gift (according to your reviews!) and we’ve loved seeing you make it yours.

Shop the Basquiat Bar Bracelet.


Dara Earrings + Extra Yue Tag

Top EarringsDara Earrings

Here comes the bridal jewelry! These simple, sleek and shimmering pearl earrings are the dictionary definition of romance. They catch the light, sway with movement and mark any moment with a touch of elegance that’s never too much.

Shop the Dara Earrings.


Top Add-onYue Disk

You all really piled on the extra disks this year and our tiniest of all took the cake! Clocking in at just 6mm, this miniature piece is the daintiest way to add a touch of personalization to any piece—whether it’s an initial or sentimental illustration.

Shop the Extra Yue Disk.


Five Exciting Moments

AKA all the jewelry news we couldn’t fit into the categories above (but couldn’t resist sharing)!

1️⃣ During Bright Friday, we donated over $6000 to our friends at First Nations Development Institute (thanks to you all), with $5 from every order going straight to support their mission.

2️⃣ We united all of our makers in one space, and reorganized and beautified our building with art and decorations!

3️⃣ 16 new talented people—makers, jewelry designers and marketing folks—joined the GLDN team this year.

4️⃣ We held our first IRL event, the Flora Finds Scavenger Hunt, and treated our community to free Flora pieces in L.A.!

5️⃣ We celebrated our people (and their families) with a company-wide picnic in beautiful La Conner, Washington.


Thanks for being here this year—we couldn’t do this without you.
Onwards and upwards for 2023!



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