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Ring Size Chart | How to Choose Your Perfect Ring Size

Written by GLDN Team — June 10, 2020

Ring Size Chart | How to Choose Your Perfect Ring Size

Rings are one of those jewelry pieces that don’t leave much room for error in sizing—a half size too small and it won’t fit over your knuckles, a half size too big and it may slip around too much. Our ring collection is growing, and we want your rings to show up perfect and ready to wear every time! Below, you’ll find a few easy-to-use tips & tools that will help you find the correct ring size for every one of your fingers.

How to Find Your Ring Sizes

It really is worth the time to figure out your correct ring sizes (then save them in your phone)! Once you have them, you’ll be confident ordering any ring, and your general happiness and overall love for life will go up substantially. So obviously, you should do it now.

Find a Local Jeweler

  • This option gives you a reliable size, because jewelers in the United States use the same standard sizes. Even if you’re out of the US, your local jeweler should have a sizing conversion chart to standard US ring sizing.
  • Don’t forget to check jewelry shops at the mall—this is an easy way to get your ring size if you’re already there to return those shoes that didn’t work out.

Accuracy: Most reliable

Use a Plastic Ring Sizer

  • There are plastic ring sizers available, which you can order and reuse—find them here.
  • Pass the sizer along to your friends when you’re done; you’re definitely not the only one who doesn’t know their size!

Accuracy: Works pretty well, but make sure to follow the included instructions :)

Use our Printable "Ring Sizer Tool"

  • Find the ring sizing sheet we made here.
  • Print it out and double-check the ruler on the PDF against a physical ruler (some printers may resize the document and skew the measurement).

There are 2 methods for finding your ring size with this sheet.

  • 1: Use a paper ring slider (cut it out of the sheet).
  • 2: Take a ring you know fits well and match it to the ring size circles on the sheet. For the most accurate sizing with this method, the inner edge of the circle on the paper should be just visible inside your ring (not hidden directly beneath the metal).

Accuracy: There’s room for error because paper templates can be subject to slipping, crumpling, and misreading, but if you are careful, they should give you a fairly good idea of your size.


Top 5 Ring Size Measuring Tips

Measuring your finger may seem easy, but there are things that can go wrong. Here are our top 5 tips to help with whatever option you choose for ring sizing:

  1. Make sure the ring slider (whether paper or plastic) will also fit over your knuckle. If you have thin fingers but larger knuckles, you may need to order a half size larger.
  2. Temperature affects sizing: if you’re cold, your finger will be smaller; if you’re warm, your finger will be bigger. It may not seem like much of a change, but it can make the difference between a well-fitted ring and a tight squeeze.
  3. The same finger may be bigger or smaller depending on which hand you’re measuring. For example, your ring finger on your right hand may be a 6.5, while the ring finger on your left may be a size 6. For most people, the dominant hand is slightly larger.
  4. Diet also affects ring size. Salty foods make your body retain water, which can result in a larger ring size. Alcohol will bump you up about a half size too. For best results, wait a full day or two before measuring after binging on that (well-deserved) beer and fries!
  5. When in doubt, order up half a size.

PRO TIP: Record your ring size on your phone, like a boss, so it’s there when you need it.

Adjustments, Tweaks & More Ring Sizing Tips

Different styles of rings may fit differently on the same finger, so keep the following in mind as you’re sizing:

  • Wider bands (compared to a dainty stacker band) have less “give” for slipping over your knuckle, so you may need to increase the ring size. Consider ordering a half size larger than you usually would for bands 2mm or thicker.

  • Stacking rings need to be within half a size of each other to stack well.
  • Rings with open bands, like our wrap rings, are slightly adjustable. You will be able to pull the ring apart a touch to adjust the fit, but it only gives you a half size or so before it starts to affect the look of the ring.

If you end up with a ring that doesn't fit, it's not the end of the world. If you know us, you know we want you happy, and we're here to help. Of course, it's nicest if you can get it right the first time, so hopefully these tips were awesome and you'll be sized correctly. But let us know if this is not the case, and we'll make sure you end up with a gorgeous ring to not only admire, but actually wear!


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