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Get Lost in the Poet’s Garden: Gemstone Jewelry for Everyday Inspiration | GLDN

Written by GLDN Team — March 21, 2024

Get Lost in the Poet’s Garden: Gemstone Jewelry for Everyday Inspiration | GLDN

Surrender yourself to awe.
Honeyed mornings,
petals bathed in light,
stars like jewels in the southern sky.
Life will serenade you,
if you let it—
a million poems passing through time.
Will you reach out and take one?
I hope you do.
Then let your candle
burn all night.


Behind the Design of the Collection

Meaningful jewelry is our thing. For the past twelve years, we’ve been crafting timeless, dainty pieces that inspire connection, bring your stories to life and add a personal touch to your everyday stack—but we’ve never done it quite like this. GLDN founder and lead designer, Chrissy, first started exploring a modern palette of gemstones over the past few years (resulting in our best-selling Aura Collection!) and evolved it into something even more romantic, symbolic and effortless to style: the Poet’s Garden collection.


Poet's Garden Collection


Both a place and a state of mind, the Poet’s Garden explores the intersection of natural splendor, dreamy colors and artful forms that feel like wearing little lines of poetry. Imagine a garden of serene flowers, rays of golden light, a crescent moon twinkling at dusk…and how it feels to witness the magic of those moments we so often miss in our modern-day lives. We wanted to create jewelry that acts as a muse: a palette of gemstones that take up a small footprint yet make a large, lasting impact on how we see ourselves and the world around us.

Specially designed to mix, match and tell a story, each piece can totally stand on its own…but really shines when paired with other pieces from the collection. Think a jumble of multiple studs or a stack of rings that says more than the sum of its parts. Stepping away from the rigid, geometric forms of most modern-day jewelry, this collection is like a reprieve or sigh of relief. A reminder that the world can be as romantic as you want it to be, when you see it through the eyes of a poet.


The Haiku Studs

Poet's Garden Haiku Studs


A celebration of seasons.

Spring, summer, fall, winter. We designed a three-gemstone stud to capture the feeling of each season; a little a haiku you can wear. While we stuck to a loose framework for each stud (three gemstones in a triangular cluster) we really wanted each stud to feel wholly itself, like the seasons. You’ll see bezel-set gemstones mixed with prong-set gemstones to give them a more natural feel—something that feels equally romantic, unfussy and easy to stack—set in gold vermeil or sterling silver for a lifetime of wear.


Poet's Garden Haiku Studs


How to choose a season? Let your heart guide you. But if you’d like some guidance, we love these ideas: choose a stud for your favorite season, the season you were born in or just choose the hues that speak to you. Each stud was specially designed to mix and match with each other (or your current favorites) into a one-of-a-kind jumble that speaks for itself. If you have multiple piercings, this is your sign to go all out. 

Shop the stud for each season: Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter


The Midnight Blossom Hoops & Stud

Midnight Blossom Studs & Ring


Flowers shrouded in mystery.

From our robust Flora collection to our other flowery endeavors (like the Blossom Studs and Wildflower Hoops), we’ve long loved floral motifs in our jewelry…but we’ve never done it quite like this. We wanted to create something deeper, darker and more mysterious than our traditional flowers—a night-blooming floral you’d only find in a poet’s garden—along the lines of the hellebore or primrose, a few of our favorite gothic-leaning flowers. 


Midnight Blossom Hoops & Ring


Enter the Midnight Blossom Ring and Midnight Blossom Stud set with a raven tourmaline and flanked by four ethereal petals. We love this floral ring sitting atop the Poet’s Garden Gradient Ring in a stack, or as the crown jewel on your pointer finger. As for the stud, punctuate your stack with a single earring (an unexpected take) or wear a matching pair with your favorite hoops. Because you should always buy yourself flowers.


The Gemstone Gradient Hoops & Ring

Gemstone Gradient Hoops & Ring


A poetic palette of subdued hues.

Reflecting the sun’s trip across the sky or seasons passing by, the Poet’s Garden Gradient Hoops & Gradient Ring elevate our best-selling gemstones into something deeper and sultrier. Starting with vintage red and blush pink zirconias, then fading into soft champagnes and settling into deep, dusky blues, these ombré pieces are a more subdued take on multi-colored gemstone jewelry we’ve been longing for.


Gemstone Gradient Hoops & Ring

We see these gemstone gradients as a reminder to savor the moment—no matter how small—and find hues of magic in our everyday lives. When was the last time you stood outside and watched the sun rise or set? Watched the petals sway in the breeze? Watched the fireflies dance in the grass? Really thought about your place within it all, and made art for the sake of it? For many of us, it’s been too long. And it’s time to bring that back.


The Forest Emerald Leaflet Stud

Forest Emerald Leaflet Studs


A sparkling symbol of new beginnings.

It all starts with a leaflet, doesn’t it? The first whisper of spring, the first page of a book. A celebration of new beginnings and the natural strength inside all of us, the Forest Emerald Leaflet Stud is a tiny, shiny reminder that you’re the creator of your own world. Set with a forest-toned emerald gemstone and punctuated by asymmetrical gold vermeil or sterling silver accents, this dainty emerald stud was designed to add an effortless touch to any look—especially sublime in a second or third piercing. Plant a seed and watch it grow.


The Poet’s Palette Stud Set

Poet's Palette Stud Set


An anthology of unique earrings.

The full expression of the Poet’s Garden collection, this stud set includes one of each haiku stud—Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter—one mysterious Midnight Blossom Stud and one dainty Forest Emerald Leaflet Stud in your choice of gold vermeil or sterling silver. It’s the perfect way to switch up your stack, create an asymmetrical look or add a touch of softness to an otherwise modern earscape.


Poet's Palette Stud Set

The technique of styling mismatched studs creates a different look on each ear, so each side is completely unique. How to master it? Start with a focal point on each ear (like the larger Midnight Blossom Stud) and build from there. Make use of your existing piercings first, then foray into new piercings once you get a feel for the asymmetrical look! Before you know it, you’ll settle into a fully curated look that becomes a part of you.


Poet's Garden Collection


The Poet’s Garden is what you make of it.

Explore the full collection and write your story stanza by stanza.


Team GLDN ✨


Jaynie Fisher McClain _
This Poet’s Collection is gorgeous and so speaks to my heart! My late husband was a romantic, a poet, and enjoyed the day of Sunshine. I am the Night, Cool and Quiet. A Dreamer, a Star Gazer who could never pass looking at the Heavens for meteors, comets, constellations. But we met, fell in deep love, and found common love for the fall, animals, walks in woods, history, our faith. We married in Nov. 1989. We had almost 30 years before the thief came to our life. His name was Alzheimer’s. He came in to our home over night on May 24, 2019. He stole his memories of the last 30 years. His parents deaths. My parents deaths. The birth of 6 grand children. The names of his children, names of the grand children. His retirement. The thief would return every so often to steal more from our lives. Sadly, even I was taken at times. He always knew the name of his wife, but he didn’t recognize me anymore. Last March, around the time when we were engaged 34 yrs ago, I had to have him placed in a Nursing Home. A place he never wanted, but I was not able to care for him being disabled. True to our love of the fall, he went to sleep and didn’t wake up Sept 4th, 2023. Just two months short of our 34th anniversary. I know what pieces of GLDN I will purchase to memorialize our lives with. Thank you for these beautiful new flowery pieces and the story behind them! Jaynie

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