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Now Playing: Stories of Limitless Love | GLDN

Written by GLDN Team — February 01, 2023

Now Playing: Stories of Limitless Love | GLDN

Stories of Limitless Love

Our Valentine’s Day mantra: Whatever you love, it’s something to celebrate.

We sat down with two dynamic duos—and one radiant woman—to showcase love in all its forms…and reveal which GLDN piece they chose for each other (or for themselves)! As one of our participants said, this holiday is about embracing the relationships that are the most meaningful to you (and we couldn’t agree more).


Video 1
A story of long-lasting friendship



“What comes to mind when I think about her is home.

Two best friends celebrate their warm, loving, abundant relationship—and how they make each other feel seen and heard every single day—with matching friendship necklaces to treasure forever.

Shop the piece they made:
Personalized Lor Necklace


Personalized Lor Necklace



Video 2
A story of father-daughter connection



“You help me see the world so much more fully.”

He compares his daughter to the radiant, charming Ranunculus—and she talks about all of his weird dad jokes (we love to see it). This adorable father-daughter duo proves that love is more robust than we’ll ever know.

Shop the piece they made:
Small Flora Necklace


Small Flora Necklace



Video 3
A story of self-love and empowerment



“Taking myself on dates—it opens up a whole new portal to yourself.”

If you need a reason to smile today, this 👏 is 👏 it. This shining star of a woman celebrates herself, her growth and gives advice to her 10-year-old self that we could all take something from.

Shop the piece she made:
Kissy Face Necklace with an Extra Star Tag


Kissy Face Necklace & Extra Star Tag



This is why we love love.

Gentle reminder to celebrate all your favorite people, all your favorite things and all the qualities you love about yourself this Valentine’s Day. 💗

And if you’re looking for a gift—for you or someone else—our Celebrations of Love shop is a great place to go.



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