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Love Letters: Stories Etched in Gold | GLDN

Written by GLDN Team — January 21, 2022

Love Letters: Stories Etched in Gold | GLDN

Love comes in infinite forms. Romantic stories of forever. The best of friendships. Empowerment through self-love. Connections with furry companions. And so many other ways.

Because no two loves are the same, we asked to hear your stories and how you would design a personalized GLDN piece to commemorate them. Below are a few that touched our hearts and the pieces designed to represent each unique love.

Dear Grandma

“Grandma, I’m in my twenties now. I am a woman of my own. Not a single day goes by without me missing you. I really wish I could talk to you about my days, but I know how unforgiving dementia can be. You may have forgotten who I am, but I will never forget you. You are my home and I will be forever grateful for the love you have given me. I miss you and love you so much, grandma.”

Story submitted by Anna J.

Personalized Florence Necklace

Featured piece: Personalized Florence Necklace

Through the Sunshine and Storms

“We met on the second day of college and hit it off instantly. On our second date we got stuck outside in the middle of a raging thunderstorm. We took shelter under a museum awning, slow dancing to John Lennon as the lightning struck everything around us. Benj, you’ve been here through my highs and my lows, through the sunshine and the storms quite literally. I love you.”

Story submitted by Michelle N.

Personalized Vollmond Necklace

Featured piece: Personalized Vollmond Necklace

Looking to Myself

“My 2022 resolution is to shed society’s expectations and to allow for grace, rest, and restoration. To disconnect to better connect. To explore what brings me joy, peace, and self awareness. To remind myself that I have to look to myself first, to take care of myself first, in the big and the small ways. To know that self love is a journey not a destination. To build my sense of self and in turn, find true self love.”

Story submitted by Lindsey S.

Handwriting Bracelet

Featured piece: Handwriting Bracelet

In the Stars

“We had the best boy, named Stan, for 11 years. Unfortunately, we lost him just before the new year. My family has never had to grieve a loved one before and together we cried for our boy who we knew would miss us as much as we would him. At the beginning of this year, we decided that part of our healing journey was to open our hearts back up to the love we lost and so we brought home a new puppy named Maggie. We are so excited for the start of a new love story for our family and the joy that will follow.”

Story submitted by Ana M.

Moon & Stars Necklace

Featured piece: Moon & Stars Necklace

Ready to tell your story?

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