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2024 Jewelry Trends | GLDN

Written by GLDN Team — February 28, 2024

2024 Jewelry Trends | GLDN

There’s never been a better time to refresh your jewelry collection. The jewelry trends for 2024 combine a celebration of the past with a look toward the future, with pearls, chains, bold silhouettes and timeless staples leading the way. The spring and summer runways teased a y2k-meets-bohemian vibe (hello, early 2000s!) with tons of layering chains and statement earrings taking center stage. 

Our advice for styling this trending jewelry? Weave a few pieces into your current collection that you think you’ll love for years to come—not just in the months ahead. The jewelry trends for 2024 are all easy to wear, easy to style and will stand the test of time…considering most of them are callbacks to the past!


Trend #1: Chains

Chain Necklaces

Fun, versatile and loved by many, chains are here the latest necklace trend that’s here to stay. This year, we’re seeing a delightful reinvention of chains, from delicate, dainty chains to audaciously bold chains that demand attention. The simplicity of a chain makes it super adaptable to any look—think a fine gold chain for everyday refinement or a bold silver chain for a pop of playfulness! And when it doubt, stack it out. More is more when it comes to chains. Combine sterling silver and 14k gold, add texture with paperclip chains and pair chains of varying thickness and length. 

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Trend #2: Pearls

Pearl Collection

We’ll never tire of seeing this jewelry trend on the list—because nothing says timeless like pearls. From the classic pearl strand necklace to bold, baroque-style pearls, there’s no one way to wear this on-trend jewelry (which makes it all the better). We love layering different lengths and sizes of pearl necklaces for a lighthearted approach to pearls, dotting your stack with simple, dainty pearl earrings for a touch of everyday elegance, or mixing it up daily with our personalizable pearl sets.

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Trend #3: Florals

Floral Necklaces

An accessories trend that means more. Beyond just flower motifs and floral patterns, this 2024 jewelry trend celebrates nature’s intricate patterns and organic forms. Think delicate necklaces with symbolic floral pendants, rings that embody the movement of water and organic-shaped hoops that mimic the gentle curves of the natural world. We love floral jewelry because it’s not just an accessory—it’s an artistic interpretation of the world around us, imbued with one-of-a-kind meaning for its wearer! Our advice: choose a piece of floral jewelry personalized with your birth flower or a flower that means something to you. 

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Trend #4: ’70s-Inspired Pieces

70s Jewelry

Yep, the ’70s are back in a big way (or did they ever leave?!). Enter: obsessions with sunken living rooms, rich brown hues and dripping in gold jewelry. A departure from the delicate minimalist trend in favor of maximalist layering, chunky statement pieces and statement earrings are the easiest way to achieve this 2024 jewelry trend. Oh, and did we mention gold?

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Trend #5: Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Jewelry

It’s official: this is the year to play it cool. While we’ll always be obsessed with gold, there’s no doubt that sterling silver is arguably this year’s biggest jewelry trend of all. Sterling silver just has this youthful, artistic, playful vibe that gold just can’t touch—but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck if gold is your metal of choice! Try adding a sterling silver ring to your everyday stack, or layer some sterling silver hoops in your gold earscape. No longer the fashion faux pas they once were, mixed metals are the best of both worlds—because why choose just one?

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Trend #6: Sculptural Jewelry

Sculptural Jewelry

Combining volume with clean, contemporary silhouettes, sculptural jewelry is a powerful tool that elevates even the simplest looks. Think chunky, bold bands and modern interlocking rings for your everyday stack, and organic-shaped earrings that break free from rigid forms. The result? A look that feels easy, carefree and natural—AKA how we all want to feel.


Trend #7: Sparkling Hoops

Sparkling Hoops

The classic gold hoop earring may have dominated your jewelry collection over the past few years, but now it’s time to add some sparkle to your ear stack. From white sapphire hoops to diamond hoops to birthstone hoops, there are infinite ways to bring an elegant shimmer to your earscape (that fits in so well with the hoops you already own). Diamond hoops are especially trending this year, but we suggest white sapphire hoops for the diamond look without the diamond price tag. 

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Trend #8: Minimal Pendants

Minimal Pendants

With all this talk of more is more and the bolder the better, several designers have foregone the stacking in favor of letting one piece shine: the dainty pendant necklace. If you’re a minimalist at heart, it’s time to rejoice—your favorite everyday staple isn’t going out of style anytime soon (in fact, the opposite!). Looking for a new pendant necklace for 2024? The Gemstone Initial Pendant and Flora Marseille Necklace are a few of our current favorites. For an extra touch of personalization, add an initial pendant or tiny disk to your piece! 

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Trend #9: “Old Money” Jewelry

Old Money Jewelry

A new take on quiet luxury, we couldn’t leave this list without a shoutout to old money jewelry—the trend that’s, well, the opposite of a trend! The entire idea is wearing timeless, classic pieces that’ll never go out of style: pearls, solid gold and elegant gemstone pieces that feel luxe and understated at the same time. Think heirloom-quality, impeccably crafted jewelry that whispers instead of shouts.


Tying up the Trends

If these 2024 jewelry trends tell us one thing, it’s this: the jewelry world is bigger, brighter and more exciting than ever, and there’s never been a better time to channel your personal style into pieces you’ll love for a lifetime. While these trending jewelry pieces are a great starting point, there’s no one way to style a piece or build your signature look! Play around with a few different trends or stick to what you know you love—it’s all about having fun.


Team GLDN ✨

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