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Artemis Necklace

Hand-embossed medallion
Adjustable Length

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Goddess of wilderness and the moon, Artemis is fiercely independent and lives her life untamed. Wear this medallion on those days you need to summon your inner badass or as a reminder to be wholly yourself, without hesitation. 

A piece of history. Rich with meaning. The collaboration between GLDN’s founder Chrissy, her father—a master engraver—and artist Cate Webb, brings centuries of symbolism to life in a hand-embossed, collectable medallion.

Product Specs
12x18mm oval medallion
Fixed lengths : 18", 20", 24"
Adjustable lengths : 18-20", 20-22", 24-24"
Choose Minimal, Round Box, or Mini Paperclip chain style
Return Policies

Returns and Exchange

Need a personalization change, different size or want another item altogether? Send it back to exchange for a GLDN Gift Card to shop a new piece (up to 6 months) or return for a refund (up to 30 days).


If you need a repair or want to add to an existing piece, we’re ready to make it perfect. Free up to 6 months for most items or 3 years for solid gold.

Raw materials
100% USA sourced
Made from recycled 

gold and silver
Handmade for you
in our WA. studio
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Artemis Necklace
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