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Lunar Phase Necklace

Choose your moon
Adjustable Length


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Ships in 4-7 business days Ships in 7-10 business days

Want it faster? The waxing crescent comes Ready To Ship here.

Waxing, waning, new and full. Choose the moon that captures your glow.

Product Specs
Pendants are 13mm-15mm tall
Choose your moon phase
Hand-hammered finish
Length options: 17-19", 19-21", other
Adjustable by 2"
Chain: dainty cable, 1.2mm wide
Return Policies

Send back returns or exchanges – we’ll even cover the return shipping within 30 days for US orders.

Repairs or Resize

Available forever, processed in 4-5 weeks. Free for 6 months, thereafter price depends on the piece or repair. 

Returns and Exchanges

Return for full refund available for 30 days. Exchange for store credit available up to 90 days. Processing time is 2 weeks.

Raw materials
100% USA sourced
Made from recycled 

gold and silver
Handmade for you
in our WA. studio
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